Major breakthrough in Breast Cancer as researchers isolate 4 main types of tumors


Study pinpoints 40 cancerous genetic mutations, making it easier for drugs to target tumors

A recent study has made a significant breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, after researchers identified the four main types of tumors. By narrowing down the 40 genetic mutations that cause these tumors, scientists are confident that this will make it easier for drugs to specifically target those genetic alterations and hence achieve better treatment rates.

Among some of the surprising revelations in the study, it was discovered that even when comparing breast tumors of the same size and location, not all the tumors are caused by the same set of genetic mutations. This means that rather than trying to develop a blanket drug that covers all breast tumors, it is more effective to formulate drugs that are tailor-made to target the specific mutations of each tumor type.

Responding to the research results, Dr Reem Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospital-Dubai, expressed her optimism: “These results bring the medical community a giant step closer to winning the fight against breast cancer. To find a solution, we first have to understand the problem – hence this study has dramatically enhanced our understanding of the root causes of breast tumors. We are fully committed to helping not only those who have been actually diagnosed with breast cancer, but all those who are at risk. This has been demonstrated by our extensive awareness campaign, where we are giving the Dubai community the information tools to make potentially life-saving decisions.”

As a direct consequence of this research, pharmaceutical companies are set to accelerate the development of drugs that target the 40 narrowed down genetic alterations. What makes progress even more likely is that many of these drugs are already being developed for other types of tumors that are rooted in the same mutations. The research results have given pharmaceutical organizations a much clearer view of where to invest their efforts and their funding, in order to have the best possible chance of success.

In Dubai, leading health facilities have embraced the best worldwide technology and methodology for the benefit of their patients. This will pave the way for earlier diagnosis and hence a higher success rate for full recovery after treatment. In this spirit, Saudi German Hospital-Dubai has taken its efforts further by embarking on a public outreach to maximize the uptake of mammogram screenings. This has proved particularly successful with an overwhelming response from women aged 40-70 years, who are statistically the most vulnerable age group to breast cancer.

Dr Reem Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospital-Dubai observed: “Just as no two tumors are exactly alike, no two women are identical. They have different needs, concerns and expectations. But what unites us all is our undying commitment to winning this fight against breast cancer. This will only be achieved through enlightenment, empowerment and taking early action for early detection.”


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