Questions you need to ask yourself before you buy iPhone 5


iPhone 5 – A Necessity, a Status Symbol or a Pure Luxury?

With Apple’s approaching big event, iPhone 5 rumours and online hysteria are going out of control. Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t yet officially announced that it will release a next-generation iPhone, people are already trying to preorder it online. Moreover, they are selling their old iPhones so that they could afford the new smartphone. What is even more surprising is that many companies are now selling iPhone 5 accessories and applications.

However, not many people stop and think about whether they really need the new iPhone 5. If you wonder whether or not to buy Apple’s new smartphone, ask yourself these following questions:

Do you need the upgrade?

As a start, why would you buy a new iPhone when you already have one? Yes, it is true that the new model of the smartphone will probably be thinner, lighter and with a bigger screen and a few new functions. But if you come to think about it, iPhone 4 or 4S will are able to perform the same tasks as iPhone 5 or fewer. There is nothing much revolutionary about the new device. Also, Apple released their last smartphone less than a year ago. What could change only in a few months? In addition, you can’t even be sure that the improvements of the new model are worth it for you. You will find that out only after you buy it. Furthermore, often with new technology, a device’s improvements in its performance are not that apparent. For example, you read that a new gadget will have a larger screen. However, when you buy it, you see that the difference is only about 0.2 inches. Well, Apple does claim that it will offer a better version of iPhone, but this doesn’t mean the new smartphone will be a must-have innovation. Nevertheless, let’s say that you actually decide that you need to upgrade to a new mobile device. Now ask yourself:

Do you need to stick to iPhone?

It seems that the brand “iPhone” has already turned into a worldwide trend. Many people are not even familiar with all the functions and the features of Apple’s smartphone, but they still want to have one. What is interesting is that despite the fact that there are a number of iPhone-like devices on the market right now, consumers seem unaware of that. Samsung’s Galaxy series are quite similar to Apple’s iPhones. In fact, it is even better when it comes to some features like resolution and RAM memory. Yet, users seem to prefer iPhone, because the device has become a status symbol. We constantly see celebrities, politicians and business people who are staring at their Apple smartphones or taking random pics with them. As a result, more and more people are lured to spend some money for the popular device. Talking of money…

Do you need to spend that much on a phone?

iPhones come with a whole pack of entertaining functions. You would probably use many of them like the internet browser and the music player. However, there are a lot of applications which you will never need to use. Nevertheless, you will still pay for them. Therefore, it would be more logical to get a phone that offers only the things you are most likely to use.

In conclusion, this article is not preaching or judging you, the Iphone or anyone else. It is simply trying to make you ask yourself a few important questions and help you decide whether or not you need to invest in the new iPhone 5. The choice is only yours to make!


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