iPhone 5 accessories to hit stores ahead of the device


Despite the fact that the release of iPhone 5 still isn’t officially announced, many mobile accessory makes are already working on accessories for the new smartphone. A number of companies have even produced cases for Apple’s next generation iPhone. This is a great risk since without the device they cannot be sure of the actual dimensions and layout of the phone.

Secret Sources

Many companies, however, do not seem to be worried about getting things wrong. Quite the opposite – they are even confident that their product would successfully sell on iPhone 5’s release date, which, by the way, is still unknown although rumored to be September 21st. So why is that? Well, they claim they have some secret “sources”. They even assure that insiders are providing them with reliable information and not just some rumours.

iPhone 5 accessory makers plan to finish all the new products by the end of September. Soon they will even send out screen protectors and other iPhone accessories so that they could be in store when the new smartphone is released. However, many of them are not working on iPhone electronic devices, because their sources still haven’t tipped them information about the smartphone’s connectors.

AliExpress by Alibaba.com   While small vendors are ready to take some risk, bigger companies are playing it safe. They are perfectly aware of the fact that even the slightest inconsistency in the design of their accessories may cost them a fortune. For example, if Apple’s new device is bigger than expected, accessory makers will have to throw away tens thousands of cases.


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