Fake Likes a Real Issue for Businesses


Facebook Working on Fake Like Issues

People who run a businesses try everything they can to make more and more people like their Facebook pages. That is due to the belief that popular and successful companies have thousands of FB fans. Also, in that way brands are establishing a communication with their clients which is vital.

However, recently it was discovered that some of the company’s FB fans are not their potential clients. Moreover, some are even not real people. Many are actually a product of special software programs that create fake profiles. The number of these accounts is so great that it starts to concern people in advertising and marketing. Here is some more information on that.

Fighting the Crime

The business of selling fake likes and page visits is a dubious practice on Facebook. In that way some companies create the impression that they are very popular, when clearly that is not the case. However, the social network is working on ways to deal with the problem.

Nevertheless, many people on Facebook think that FB executives should be held responsible for that issue. The majority of users claim that the problem was overlooked for a long time. Facebook doesn’t share how exactly they are going to fight these crimes. The social network’s decision is understandable but it also leaves many things in the dark.

Facebook tried to talk some sense to violators by stating that the void likes won’t lead to any benefits. In addition, Facebook Security stated that many companies do everything they can do gain more fans and yet the results are far from what they have hoped for.

Every Actions Has a Consequence

Instead of wasting energy to attract all kinds of users, businesses should actually try to get more information about their competition. It would be better if they research what clients their rivals are trying to reach and how they are trying to reach them. If it turns out that most of the company’s “fans” are not real that would lead to big troubles.

When it comes to social media strategy, there are a few key rules. In social media it is important to listen, to be human and to establish communication. Therefore, fake accounts and likes can hinder any company’s social media plans.

Despite all that, companies still want gain social media popularity. That is why they will continue to find new ways to do that. Even if Facebook and other social platforms decide to change their policies, there are still ways to get them around.

Facebook is not the only one social network. There are many other social websites, like Google+, which should also be explored. However, they don’t reach yet as many people as Facebook does or so we are made to believe. Nevertheless, be more open-minded when it comes to other social media networks.

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