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Emirates, Qantas alliance will result in routing European flights through Dubai


More job openings at Emirates airline and the Dubai airports

 Australia’s Qantas Airways is on the brink of an alliance with Emirates to revive its international arm. As a result most of the airline’s Europe-bound flights will be routed through Dubai instead of Singapore, according to mainstream media reports.

Qantas Airways Ltd. shares climbed 10% Thursday after it confirmed it is working on the potential alliance with the world’s largest international passenger carrier Emirates Airline

Australia’s flag carrier confirmed in a statement it is in discussions with a number of airlines about potential alliances, including Emirates, as it attempts to stem losses at its international flights unit.

Qantas and Emirates are expected to seal a codeshare arrangement. Such arrangements allow carriers to sell tickets on each other’s flights. The Australian Financial Review reported code share negotiations were at an advanced stage and would give Qantas access to the network of the Emirates airline.

The fresh tie-up would see Qantas fly to Dubai and rely on the Emirates to transfer passengers to destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This would mean most London flights going through Dubai instead of Singapore.

In addition, it would mean more job openings at Emirates airline and the Dubai airports.



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