UAE faces a shortfall of 12920 new doctors by 2014


UAE medical vacancies skyrocketing to 13,000 doctors by 2014

Saudi German Hospital-Dubai’s specialists helping to fill the UAE’s void

An astounding new study has revealed that the UAE is facing a shortfall amounting to a staggering 12920 new doctors required by 2014. This unprecedented growth in medical vacancies reflects the growth of the nation’s health sector, which has defied expectations and continues to expand at a robust pace.

In order to bridge this mammoth gap between demand and supply, Saudi German Hospital-Dubai has already lured some of the world’s sharpest medical brains to the Country.

The UAE’s insatiable thirst for new doctors is upbeat news on several levels: on a personal level, it gives patients a wider range of specialists who can attend to them, which leads for instance to shorter waiting lists, shorter waiting times and fewer transfers. On an organizational level, it gives hospitals a wider pool of expertise to draw from, making them more multi-skilled. On a national level, it proves that the economy is enjoying vigorously healthy growth.

The latest research was conducted by RNCOS, and published in a study entitled “UAE Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2014”. This news has far-reaching implications for the health sector: for example it has sparked increased competition for top doctors, giving premier hospitals like Saudi German Hospital-Dubai a stronger pulling power, due to the superior standards and technology. Furthermore, doctors have been enticed by Saudi German Hospital-Dubai’s world-renowned heads of departments, whose veteran expertise makes great doctors even better.

The revelation that the UAE needs thousands of doctors within a very narrow timeframe has been attributed to several factors. The biggest reason cited is that the UAE is currently lagging behind the USA and some European countries – not in the quality of healthcare per se, but rather in the ratio of doctors per thousand people. This has therefore sparked an aggressive recruitment drive to surge ahead of such countries. However, leading hospitals like Saudi German Hospital-Dubai already enjoy more favorable doctor-patient ratios than their American and European counterparts.

However, Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Saudi German Hospital-Dubai, was quick to point out that this is not just a quantitative recruitment but also qualitative: “Despite the UAE’s steep demand for new doctors, we have not compromised the caliber or quality of the specialists we have employed. Our criteria regarding qualifications and experience is stringent, and was specifically crafted to ensure we hired only the best of the best. That’s why we were chosen by some of the world’s most talented specialists, primarily from Germany and leading European institutions.”

To position itself as the preferred destination for top doctors, Saudi German Hospital-Dubai takes pride in keeping its technological, personnel and service levels on par with American and European standards. It fortified its multi-skilled personnel in specialties ranging from conventional departments like emergency, general surgery, dentistry and physiotherapy; to more specialized skills like neurosurgery, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, vascular surgery, rheumatology and many more.

It is envisaged that at this pace of growth, UAE institutions will become an extremely desirable source of knowledge, where professionals from elsewhere come to learn the latest best practice before disseminating it back in Europe and the US.


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