Victoria Secret 2012 What is Sexy? List


Victoria Secret 2012 What Is Sexy? List

Victoria Secret has finally broken its silence, announcing what it thinks is sexy for 2012.

The lingerie retailer’s What Is Sexy? List is more about who is sexy, voting Charlize Theron the Sexiest Actress, which must be like the Valedictorian of Sexy. Other award winners were “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence  has the Sexiest Eyes, Beyoncé Knowles  is the Sexiest Mom, and Olivia Wilde  shows the Sexiest Summer Glow.

Just in time for summer, Victoria Secret named in the 2012 What Is Sexy? List the sexiest celebrities of the year.

Victoria’s Secret 2012 What Is Sexy? List

  • Sexiest Actress – Charlize Theron
  • Sexiest Legs – Stacy Keibler
  • Sexiest Bikini Body – Annalynne McCord
  • Sexiest Summer Style – Blake Lively
  • Sexiest Summer Hair – Ashley Benson
  • Sexiest Smile – Jessica Chastain
  • Sexiest Eyes – Jennifer Lawrence
  • Sexiest Lips – Amanda Seyfried
  • Sexiest Curves – Amber Heard
  • Sexiest Sense of Humor – Emma Stone
  • Sexiest TV Cast – Pretty Little Liars
  • Sexiest Mom – Beyonce Knowles
  • Sexiest Songstress – Britney Spears
  • Sexiest International Import – Diane Kruger
  • Sexiest Summer Glow- Olivia Wilde
  • Sexiest Cyber Star- Elin Kling
  • Sexiest Tweeter- Kristen Bell
  • Sexiest Up and Coming Knockout- Elizabeth Olsen

Inspired by the 2012 What Is Sexy? List, Victoria Secret has curated collections of lingerie, swimwear, beauty, clothing and accessories so fans can get the sexiest looks for summer. The summer collection features the new VS Knockout push-up. To complete the Knockout summer look, Victoria’s Secret introduces its new fragrance, Victoria Secret Bombshell The Summer Edition. The new scent is luscious, tropical, and bright with drops of Jasmine Dew, a spark of White Amber and a kiss of Starfruit.

Fans can see the Angels discuss the 2012 What Is Sexy on the vido bellow.


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