iPhone Apps for Mobile Dating beat Online Dating


Online dating still superior to offline dating methods

Mobile dating with the use of iPhone apps more successful

According to latest relationship research, mobile dating with the use of  iPhone apps is a more successful way for couples to pair than through traditional online dating services. This does not mean that online dating is dead, but that your techniques can be improved systematically to find the perfect match for you.

Matchmaking is a hundreds of years old concept. It was invented long before online dating and iPhone app mobile dating. It has even a pattern in a number of religions. Traditionally, the matchmaker’s role is reserved for priests and old women. The value of the concept is that parents could rely on the advice of people “in the know” of potential suitable matches, who would make good choices in terms of social and economic compatibility. Arranged marriages anyone? These are still happening not only in Dubai, but all across the Middle East and Asia.

However, modern times have largely replaced the personal touch of a human matchmaker with fresh electronic digital touch via a variety of personified services.

The need for a change in matchmaking is a reflection of changing values, technology and disappointment with previous and current approaches for finding a suitable soul mate. In addition, time is an increasingly  important factor as well. Over-occupied singles hope to streamline the dating process to fit family-making into their busy timetables.

Computers have been used in matchmaking for many decades, but during the past 10 or 15 years the growth of electronic matchmaking has truly matured, with the emerging of purposely developed online services. These websites typically function by offering profiles of potential spouses that include images and characteristics that one can choose from. Some even promise a compatibility matching via a mathematical algorithm that will “scientifically” help you find your true true soul mate.


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