iPhone Apps for Mobile Dating beat Online Dating


Advertised matchmaking algorithms and profile shopping are still ineffective methods for finding a compatible husband or wife. Their use is very much questionable, if not fraudulent, due to the large amount of personal information requested from participants. So far, there is no compelling evidence that any of these algorithms work.

A better option for matchmaking now is the use of the 3rd generation of online dating—mobile dating through the use of iPhone apps. This is a relatively fresh concept resulting from smart phone technology that brings together potential partners face-to-face quickly to see if that initial “spark” of love shows when a new couple first meets.

The relationship study points out that the power of apps and global positioning systems can function together by informing users of potential partners in the immediate vicinity such as at a metro station or a shopping mall for a quick get together if their profiles appear to promise.

GPS features on smart phone apps can tell you who is near and willing to be browsed. With a little bit of basic information and more willingness, potential daters can get together right away for a face-to-face date.

The value to mobile dating is that it gets people face-to-face quickly and effectively, which is streamlining the dating process toward maximal efficiency. There is no better way to figure out whether you are compatible with somebody than talking to them over a cup of coffee.

This does not mean that older online dating services are out of date. The authors of the study conclude that online dating is still superior to offline methods primarily because “online dating offers access to potential partners whom people would be unlikely to meet through other venues, which this access yields new romantic possibilities” that otherwise would have been missed.

Furthermore, online dating and mobile dating using iPhone apps, and other technologies such as the use of avatars provides substantial opportunities for improving the way online dating happens.


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