Ministry of Finance meets training centres for employee development


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) recently held its annual meeting with a number of development and training centres, to better familiarize itself with the different training partners available in the UAE. Held by Ministry of Finance’s Human Resources Department, the meeting falls in line with the Ministry’s efforts to continuously promote development among its employees, and to enhance their ability to effectively manage federal government financial resources.

During the meeting, Ministry of Finance presented its strategic training plan for 2012. The comprehensive plan focused on enhancing corporate loyalty among staff members in addition to addressing MoF requirements for promoting employee cooperation and exchange of expertise with other entities. It also shed light on partnership opportunities with other governmental bodies to work together towards the UAE’s growth and development.

During the meeting, participants discussed regulations required to maintain global standards and operate according to best practices. These regulations included many factors, such as the fact that the centres must have obtained a certificate of accreditation. They must also retain trainers who have obtained TOT certification, and must be registered at the Department of Economic Development or chambers of commerce, in addition to Ministry of Finance’s suppliers list. Attendees were also told that they would need to be aware of MoF’s nature of work in addition to providing the Ministry with a mechanism for measuring training results, in addition to proposing precautionary measures.

Commenting on the meeting, Fatima Al Sawaya, Director of Human Resources at MoF said: “The Ministry of Finance is committed to enhancing and developing its employees’ abilities and skills according to best global practices to increase transparency and enhance services provided to our customer.”

“Our strategy is focused on constantly searching for new methods to further enhance skills of employees through following the best available standards for employment excellence and through formulating ambitious plans to ensure the UAE’s balanced, sustainable growth,” Al Sawaya added.


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