Get a natural skin glow, Interview


Botanics expert Tara Walker gives her tips on how to achieve all-natural  skin and beauty.

She’s the green queen whose passion for natural beauty led her to launch her own skincare brand.

And now botanical guru Tara Walker counts celebs including Sienna Miller as fans of her chemical-free range, which uses hundreds of antioxidant-rich active botanicals and essential oils from all over the globe.

We caught up with the natural beauty devotee – and brains behind Tara Walker’s Dream – to find out why botanical is best.

Q.: Why are naturally-sourced ingredients best for skin?

A.: Naturally sourced ingredients protect and improve the skin without the use of chemicals, which can be potentially irritating. I believe a person gets enough chemicals in everyday living, so natural oils from plants, roots, seeds and the sea can certainly nourish your skin to bring out that beauty from within. Many of these naturals have been used for centuries to help heal and nourish the body, and these recipes have passed on down through time.

Q.: Can botanical products compete against big brands using all sorts of high-tech chemicals in their products?

A.: Absolutely. Plants and sea life have been thriving since the beginning of time. It makes perfect sense to borrow ‘technology’ from nature. In fact, many high-tech chemicals are attempts to recreate beneficial compounds found in nature.

Q.: Which three natural ingredients are key to a glowing complexion?

A.: Shiitake mushrooms help exfoliate and are an excellent source of kojic acid, a natural skin lightener that helps fade discoloration caused by sun damage and past blemishes. White peat is an amazing ingredient because it contains the essential components found in our own skin barrier system. It’s also rich in bioactive ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, tissue-regenerating and immune system regulating functions. Marine-based alpha hydroxy acids also help exfoliate the skin and improve fine lines.

Q.: Which celebrities do you think have the best healthy looking skin?

A.: It’s hard to say for sure since many celebrities won’t leave the house without makeup, but Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler seem to have extraordinary skin. And of course there’s Sienna Miller too.


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