Cancer Cover Insurance for Women by Takaful


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a top-tier Islamic financial services group, announced today that it now offers a pioneering cancer cover Takaful to all its “Dana Women’s Banking” customers. ADIB Dana’s customers can benefit from “Dana Female Care Cover” plan through a simple underwriting process without the need for medical examinations. The scheme can be renewed upon the lapse of a policy year.

“ADIB Dana Cancer Takaful Plan” is a voluntary scheme that covers medical expenses for the first ever diagnosis of breast cancer. A customer will need to have passed the first 90 days after subscribing to the Takaful scheme without any cancer to be eligible for the cover. The subscriber will be entitled to cash compensation in case they are afflicted with breast cancer.

Commenting on the new offering, Nawal Al Bayari, Head of Women’s Banking in ADIB said: “Our product strategy is to offer standalone products which are relevant to the needs of our customers. We aim to provide a voluntary medical cover for our female customers for this common and dreaded disease. With its growing awareness amongst ladies in the Middle East, such a cover would be very relevant and cost effective for concerned women.”

ADIB is an active participant in HAAD’s 2011 breast health campaign themed ‘Get Active and Simply Check.’ The campaign focuses on two main components, physical activity as a means to reduce risk of breast cancer and regular screenings to detect the disease early and assist healing.


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