Fresh opportunities in UAE for contractors and suppliers


In terms of overall size of the GCC projects’ market, UAE stands at the top of USD815bn, with nearly USD404bn worth of developments on hold or either canceled. Currently, the country is considered as the second biggest active projects’ market after Saudi Arabia. In recent months, many construction and industrial projects have been restarted, and therefore International contractors and suppliers are offered fresh opportunities by private or government developers and investors. The post recession market is very competitive and well established companies with a proven track record are better positioned.

Fluid handling is a major factor in manufacturing, construction and many industry fields. The process can positively or negatively affect productivity, depending upon its execution. Major concerns in fluid handling are: safety, process compliance, suitability to the process, usability, liquid metering, etc.

Therefore, fluid handling must be done with professional expertise. IPSCOT, Inc. is a well established American company that deals with the fluid handling and dispensing equipment for liquids of any viscosity. Since 1983, the company specializes in handling reactive fluids to water like fluids with varying viscosity that can range from water like to adhesives.

IPSCOT effectively uses various materials like acrylic, anaerobic, lubricants, polyurethane elastomer, grease, liquid epoxy, cyanoacrylate, brazing paste and many more. Apart from the materials, the company offers a vast range of products including: mixing nozzle, syringe dispensing, polyurethane equipment, hot melt, cartridge dispenser, dispenser valves, chemical dispenser, silicone liquid, etc. IPSCOT, Inc also stocks and supply many kinds of industrial pumps, such as a remote mounted pump, diaphragm pump, pail pump, grease pump, sandpiper pump, etc.

As well established supplier IPSCOT has successfully partnered with many government and private organizations during the years.


Since 1983 IPSCOT, Inc. has been supplying dispensing and fluid handling equipment to manufacturers and contractors. IPSCOT specializes in equipment to handle reactive materials like adhesives, sealants and potting compounds. This includes programmable robots to automate the dispensing process.


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