School students visit Mercedes-Benz mobile museum


Emphasizing their genuine dedication towards social responsibility, the Al Ain branch of Emirates Motor Company (EMC), Mercedes-Benz general distributors in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and flagship company of Al Fahim Group, invited Al Sanawabar School students for an educational tour on the first car ever invented and the complex engine descendents of Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1886 to 2012.

During the occasion, Mr. Nassim Mourani stated, “We believe it’s important to exhibit the historical value of Mercedes-Benz and the impact it’s had on the automotive industry since the 19th century. It is a genuinely inspirational story when you learn that the history of cars started from this distinctive three-wheeled patent wagon in 1886 and 125 years later, we’re celebrating the launch of the highly technologically advanced and
luxurious new Mercedes-Benz CLS 2012.”

Forty students from Al Sanawabar School along with teachers toured the Mercedes-Benz Mobile Museum at the EMC Al Ain showroom in celebration of 125 years of innovation by Mercedes-Benz – presented by EMC Al Ain Sales team, Mr. Jordan Duckett, Sales Manager, and Mr. Dany Choueiri, Senior Sales Consultant. Established in 1983 to provide an English medium education with a
solid emphasis on Arabic and Islamic Studies, Al Sanawabar School’s visit corroborates the school’s mission of creating an open and stimulating environment wherein students are encouraged to expand their intellectual horizons and to explore their own interests.

“Engaging teenagers with the community and heartening them to becoming young innovative leaders in society will guarantee a bright future for the next generation where they can also carry our legacy forward,” commented Mr. Mourani. “Al Ain is a close- knit city built on strong relationships and EMC Al Ain is proud to be a part of this community by contributing to its advancement.”

Emirates Motor Company’s Mercedes-Benz Mobile Museum has moved to Mussafah, Abu Dhabi showroom until the end of the month. Demonstrating the long-lasting partnership between the Al Fahim family, Mercedes-Benz and EMC, the museum is exhibiting the personal collections of the family’s rare Mercedes-Benz classic cars. By spreading motivating stories, such as Mercedes-Benz’s 125th anniversary, EMC helps students develop themselves and encourages them to become inventive and inspirational leaders.


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