UK star considering investing in Dubai property


An English-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter, Peter Andre is considering investing in property in the United Arab Emirates.

While the 38-year-old star spoke in his new! magazine column about his recent trip to Dubai with his children, he revealed: “I’m having an amazing trip. I’ve been doing some filming for my reality show, and I’m shooting my 2012 calendar while I’m out here.”

The television personality and businessman continued: “It’s so beautiful here that I might invest in some property. The women are so glamorous as well, but then so are the women in the UK. Don’t say I’m not diplomatic.”

Dubai Chronicle can only add that this is a very smart idea right now, as the local economy is in the beginning of a new economic cycle. Valuations of Dubai properties are expected to double or triple in the coming decade. Investing right now, when the real estate market is near the bottom, it is smart positioning for the future.


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