Slice and dice your Recipe Search results with Google’s brand new Recipe View



Recipe View lets you narrow your search results to show only recipes, and helps you choose the right recipe amongst the search results by showing clearly marked ratings, ingredients and pictures. To get to Recipe View, click on the “Recipes” link in the left-hand panel when searching for a recipe. You can search for specific recipes, or more open-ended topics—like apple to find recipes that feature apples, or even a holiday or event. In fact, you can try searching for all kinds of things and still find interesting results: a favorite chef, something very specific or even something obscure.

In the past, you only had one way to specify your recipe searches—with the text you type into the Google search box. Now you can also filter search results based on your ideal ingredients, cooking time and calorie count using the recipe tools on the left hand side of the page.

Google Chef Scott Giambastiani demonstrates how he uses Recipe View to find great recipes for Googlers:

Recipe View is based on data from rich snippets markup, which was first introduced at Searchology in 2009. If you’re a recipe publisher, you can add markup to your webpages so that your content can appear with this improved presentation in regular Google results as well as in Recipe View. Recipe View is part of our ongoing efforts to enrich the search experience using structured data, and this release is an exciting technical milestone for our team since it’s first time we’ve built a brand new set of search tools based off of rich snippets data.

Recipe View is rolling out now in the U.S. and Japan, and Google will be adding more countries in the future and will make further improvements.


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