A Feast for Sushi Lovers



The ultimate culinary feast awaits seafood lovers with Coral Suites Hotel – Fujairah’s special Sushi and Sashimi promotion. This select delight is on offer at Al Nafoora, the All Day Dining restaurant. Diners can opt for lunch, dinner, in-room dining or even take away service at only AED 78 per platter.

Mr. Elie Tohme, General Manager of the Coral Hotel Suites – Fujairah said, “We invite diners to explore the subtle tastes and textures of the finest contemporary and traditional sushi. Each dish is beautifully executed, expressing the passion and artistic flair of our gifted chefs. Al Nafoora will use freshly caught live fish to create succulent morsels of their favourite Japanese cuisine.”

Sushi lovers can partake in preparations like Nigiri, Maki, Temaki, Chirashi and Inari Sushis. Sushi rice is the staple ingredient in all of them. The types are determined by the kind of fillings or toppings used. The same ingredients can be served, assembled in both traditional and modern ways.

Al Nafoora is the ideal setting for friends; business colleagues or acquaintances to get together to enjoy this delicacy. The superb quality food, service with a smile and tasty cocktails will bring patrons back for more.

The Coral Suites Hotel – Fujairah is a charming property in the heart of the city. About five minutes drive from Fujairah International Airport and the World Trade Centre, the hotel is well connected with other emirates. Visitors can soak in the ‘sun n sea’ and savour the old world charm of Fujairah, where life continues at a leisurely pace. With a laid back ambience, extensive gardens and secluded beaches, Fujairah makes for an idyllic getaway.

For more information or reservations, call 09 224 4788.


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