Dubai Customs honors partners at VIP Majlis at Dubai Airport


Dubai Customs honored its partner government departments at the VIP Majlis Terminal in Dubai International Airport during the events of the first forum. The event took place last Wednesday 15 December 2010 at the Majlis Terminal in the Airport.

During the event, 22 employees from the four government departments working in Majlis were honored. The departments are DCAA, Dubai Police, DNRD, and Dubai Customs. They all work hard to realize the 2015 strategy of Dubai Government that aims at making Dubai an even more attractive destination for business and residency.

Mr. Yousif Al Sahlawi, Senior Executive Director Corporate Affairs, Executive Director of Policies & legislation Division at Dubai Customs said that the honoring aims at fostering partnership between government departments to realize expected distinction in government work, elevate quality of services provided to clients, and upgrade the status of Dubai as an attractive destination for tourism, business, and residency.

Mr. Ahmed Mahboub Musabih, Executive Director of the Client Management division said : “Due to the great importance of Majlis Terminal at Dubai International Airport, which is used by VIP’s, diplomats, and individuals who seek a privileged treatment, Dubai Customs have always been keen to cooperate with its partners in order to introduce special service to clients and meet their expectations”.

He added that: “The partnership management methodology at Dubai Customs is based on building strong relations with strategic and fundamental partners inside and outside the country for the common interest of all.

Representatives of government departments, which participated in the forum, expressed their appreciation to Dubai Customs’ efforts in co-operating with its partners and recognizing their work. Majid Sultan Al Joker, Vice-President of Terminal Operations at Dubai Customs said that Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments in communicating with partners to achieve the clients’ expectations and needs.

Colonel Abdul Rahman Bin Hafez, Director of inspection at Dubai International Airport praised the cooperative atmosphere that prevails among government departments and other bodies that work at Dubai Airport to facilitate passage of cargo and passengers for the common interest of Dubai and the UAE.

Lieutenant Colonel Khalifa Mattar, Assistant Manager for External Offices thanked Dubai Customs for their initiative in organizing the event to celebrate strategic partners and strengthen ties with them.

VIP Majlis Terminal serves VIP’s, diplomats and other passengers who want to enjoy a privileged treatment at arrival and departure. The 3500 square meter facility includes 17 suites equipped with the most advanced equipments and services such as plasma screens, wireless internet connection, prayer rooms for men and women, covered car parking, bathing facilities, luxurious inter-transport system from the Terminal to the plane, and the other way round. There are also car parking, wheelchairs, toilets for people of special needs as well as a wide variety of snacks and drinks available 24 hours a day.


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