Alumni Associations in UAE – Encouraging Graduate Involvement in Economic Development


Alumni associations from leading universities across the UAE gathered at the ‘First National Forum of Alumni Associations in the UAE’ forum and conference organised and held at the Khalifa City Campus of Abu Dhabi University (ADU).

With the aim of acquainting universities and colleges with the importance of establishing alumni associations, the forum became a consolidated venue to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as network with fellow alumni associations in the UAE. The forum was addressed by His Excellency Ahmed Saheeb Al Dhaheri, the President of Abu Dhabi University Alumni Association (ADUAA), Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, the ADU Chancellor, and Dr. Nada Murtada Sabbah, Vice Chancellor for Development & Alumni Affairs at the American University of Sharjah.

“Alumni associations play a significant part in fostering an ongoing relationship between graduates, the school and students,” said Dr. Ibrahim. “They also help in encouraging the active participation of students in school and community development, even after graduation.” He added: “The First National Forum of Alumni Associations in the UAE seeks to promote the contribution of graduates in nation building and economic prosperity of the country. Together with the rest of the colleges and universities across the Emirates, the forum intends to explain the importance of alumni associations in developing and expanding opportunities for its future graduates.”

Ways of collaboration across alumni associations discussed during the forum were: the establishment of the UAE Alumni Association union; research developments; resource sharing such as linking libraries online; and upholding social responsibility. The forum also assisted institutes that do not have alumni associations at their organisation yet.

Abu Dhabi University’s Alumni Association was represented at the event by HE Al Dhaheri, President of ADUAA, and Mohammed Al Otaiba, the Vice President of ADUAA, and other members of the board. Other universities and colleges from the UAE attended the forum.

ADUAA currently works on a number of programs that will advance ADU’s strategic goals while serving the interests of its alumni members and keeping them connected with events and exciting opportunities at ADU.


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