Export Assistance Program to give 33% financial support to UAE exporters


UAE-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) availing the newly launched Export Assistance Program (EAP) can receive up to 33% of financial support relating to their approved expenses concerning export activities as explained in a series of briefing sessions rolled out by Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC), an agency of the Government of Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).

Providing a detailed insight about the EAP, the sessions discussed the general policies and procedures, qualification requirements as well as the application process. SMEs were also given an overview on the eligible marketing activities and reimbursable expenses within EAP.

“The Export Assistance Program was developed to help privately owned companies in entering other countries to market their products and services. This financial assistance scheme intends to assist aspiring and current exporters to undertake export promotion activities to increase opportunities outside the UAE.

“In this scheme, a qualified entity can receive up to AED100,000 in grant payments during a year. This is equal to one third of the actual expenses not exceeding the applicable expense limits,” said Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer, EDC.

During the sessions, EDC also explained the benefits of EAP to exporters including the suitable activities eligible for reimbursements such as participation in trade exhibitions, market research, market and buyer visits. Also highlighted were eligible products that are of UAE origin with a minimum 40% value addition in the UAE.

The EAP is available to SMEs that are members of EDC and have a stable operation licensed by a government entity preferably by DED. Entry application to become EAP member has already commenced. English and Arabic applications are available online via www.dedc.gov.ae/en/eap/entry-application/ and www.dedc.gov.ae/ar/eap/entry-application/ respectively.


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