Spectronix Brings Clinician Complex to the Region


For years a household name in its native United States, Clinicians Complex is now set to deliver its range of skin rejuvenating products to the Middle East. It will be distributed through Spectronix Trading LLC, the region’s leading Import Company dedicated to skincare.

Clinicians Complex is a medically oriented product line available and sold only through clinicians, medical spas and other skincare professionals. It uses the latest developments in cosmetic technology, containing the highest-quality of pharmaceutical grade ingredients backed by science.

The range provides a thorough regimen for adult skin. Its line of state-of-the-art products addresses common concerns such as wrinkles, sun damage and adult acne, providing formulations for each step. From skin rejuvenation to environmental protection, Clinicians Complex has a product to suit each skin, every step of the way.

Importing Clinicians Complex, Spectronix Trading has already made a name for itself in the medical technology industry by launching a new product every month. The company’s mission is to keep consumers happy while growing and excelling beyond expectations.

Spectronix is dedicated to bringing the latest medical technologies to the Middle East from some of the best companies in Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea to deliver superior services based around its core values of honesty and customer satisfaction.

Basing its philosophy around the “three pillars of superiority”, Spectronix’s strength comes from three specific areas: research and development, customer service and after-sales support.

Every company Spectronix endorses can boast proven quality standards and world-class effectiveness, and Clinicians Complex is no different.

The range combines a number of products in a range that covers everything from acne and ageing to sun-damaged skin and varicose veins. Indeed, all areas of skin rejuvenation are covered by this comprehensive line.

For instance, Clinicians Complex acne products offer powerful tools in the battle against pimples. The system effectively addresses both adolescent and adult acne concerns with clinical-strength treatment options that help heal and rejuvenate skin rather than damage it.

Moreover, Clinicians Complex offers cleansers, toners and exfoliators as well as facial creams, serums and gels to aggressively attack and reverse the onset of visible signs of ageing. This approach is also backed up by products that restore pigmentation in the face and around the neck, and enhanced by medical grade formulations can help prevent and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles to help restore beauty through just one range of products.

Clinicians Complex products can also help with damage to the delicate tissue around the eye area, enhance lips by bringing instant and long-term benefits of increased size, and reverse the effects of sun damage and premature ageing through cleansers, eye creams and serums. They can also help guard against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays that can lead to a number of factors in premature ageing.

Spectronix Trading’s research and development department took its time to thoroughly research Clinicians Complex to assess its quality and potential. “After rigorous testing and research, the product was finally ready to be offered to consumers across the Middle East,” said S.L Paul Lakhanpal, the Managing Director of Spectronix.

“Through the undoubted quality of Clinicians Complex products and Spectronix’s market strength, this range will soon become as well established across the Middle East as they have been elsewhere in the world,” he added.

“And especially with the hot, sunny climate in this region, this line will be particularly appreciated by Middle East women for its ability to help repair the damage done by the elements and bring back beautiful, young looking skin.”

Clinicians Complex range of products can be obtained from Instasculpt, Cocoona or Spectronix trading.


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