iStyle urges consumers to wait for official launch of iPad



iStyle, the premium reseller of Apple products in the Middle East region, urges customers to be patient and wait for the official launch of the iPad in the Middle East. A number of consumers who purchased iPads in the UAE ahead of the product’s official Middle East launch have approached iStyle to provide customer support and technical assistance.

As a premium reseller of Apple products, iStyle is unable to service units purchased from grey marketeers, and will only be able to assist customers with iPads purchased in iStyle outlets across the region.

Hani Nehme, Business Development Manager of iStyle Middle East, commented, “Since the launch of the iPad in the USA, a significant number of units have become available for purchase in the region, ahead of the product’s official launch in the Middle East. While we understand consumers desire to purchase an iPad ahead of the official launch, we want to make sure that they understand that the help, support and assistance that they are used to recieveing from iStyle will not be available to them if they have not purchased their iPad from our store.”

Nehme added, “iStyle has built a strong reputation as a premium reseller of Apple products and our ability to provide an unrivalled level of customer service and technical support across the whole Apple range. As a result, we have had a number of customers come to our stores across the region to request assistance with issues associated with their iPads. We are unable to service these products as they have been sold to consumers on the grey market.”

“We strongly urge consumers who have not yet purchased an iPad to wait until their official Middle East launch, in order to benefit from the ongoing aftercare that is a key component in what makes Apple such a popular premium brand,” he added.

Currently there is no official launch date for the iPad in the Middle East, but consumers can refer to for details of other markets that the product has launched in.

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