From Crop to Cup – Coffee Planet confirms access to its own coffee plantations


Coffee Planet confirms its position as No1 specialty coffee provider

Coffee Planet LLC, the successful Dubai based coffee solutions provider, announced a further extension to its business with complete access to its own coffee growing plantations in Central America through the Coffee Planet Corporation of Honduras. Already the leading provider of specialty grade coffees in the Middle East, Coffee Planet has become a ground breaking model for the coffee industry in the region as they continue to develop holistic coffee solutions as they deliver the product from the source to the end consumer. Coffee Planet is expanding the availability of its high quality and fresh coffee across the UAE and the rest of the Middle East.

“This is a tremendously exciting day for us. It’s a dream come true to be sourcing our green coffee beans directly from our own plantations.  Only by being in control of your raw product can you guarantee the quality of the end product that the customer drinks from their cup” said Mr. Richard Jones, Managing Director, Coffee Planet.

Social improvement is one of the main driving forces of the Coffee Planet team. Working ethically with farmers, paying a fair price for their product and investing time and effort with them in quality improvements is more than just a label on their packaging. Coffee Planet believes that to trade fairly, it is important to get involved directly with the farmers and experience firsthand the struggles they endure on a daily basis. A lot more work goes into fair trade than just working with external organizations that provide supposed Fair Trade Products.

“We’re very proud to be associated with such a wonderful coffee growing nation like Honduras. So little is known about the country and yet they are such brilliant people who grow some amazing coffees. Coffee is their livelihood and we hope to be able to increase awareness of the country, its people and to help make improvements to the working conditions of the community,” said Richard Jones on his return from Honduras.

An important factor in Coffee Planet’s success to date is their state of the art roasting plant that ensures fresh, high quality coffee always reaches the end consumer. Coffee Planet has now taken this a step further by growing their own coffee, which they blend, roast and deliver straight to our mugs!

Coffee Planet has built itself a very strong reputation since its inception – “We just wanted to be different to everybody else and we did that by starting out in fuel station convenience store and offering high quality self-serve and fresh coffee drinks. It’s about convenience and availability…and of course, a great cup of coffee,” said Richard Jones.

As well as over 130 fuel stations, Coffee Planet now provides its own roasted coffee to a vast array of top hotels and restaurants, offices and a growing number of its own Coffee Planet branded retail outlets across the UAE. Coffee Planet is continuing to build their brand awareness and position themselves as the No 1 coffee provider in the Middle East.


  1. No 1 specialty coffee provider… any supporting facts/statistics on this? Please elaborate? As per recent statistics, STARBUCKS is the leading specialty coffee retailer in the Middle East? Let’s NOT TELL LIES!


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