Community Development Authority organises “Fit for Life” campaign


Fit for Life Campaign The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai organised a two-day “Fit for Life” campaign, as part of CDA’s continuous support to local campaigns like “Dubai Pulse” to raise awareness on keeping fit.

The Corporate Performance and Excellence Division at CDA supervised the campaign to promote a healthy way of living. The campaign included several activities to raise awareness on healthy living standards for employees.

One of the campaign activities included a lecture on “Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle”, which focused on explaining healthy dietary habits and tips on how to deal with various health conditions and the need for proper nutrition.

The campaign also included a workshop on “Exercises to Boost Energy” where the staff-members were trained on dealing with different health problems by practicing sports activities. The workshop included demonstration of vital techniques to renew the vigour and vitality through simple exercises that can be undertaken in the workplace.

Special brochures with tips on proper nutrition and the importance of sports were distributed among staff, along with healthy meals prepared under the supervision of dietitians and chefs specialized in cooking good food. The campaign was well-received by the staff.


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