Being a realtor could become a way of life!


Truly inspirational story about  self-made young  woman

Real estate broker is not a job description with constant definition. Anjili Samtani is a great example.

Born in Hong Kong, Anjili has spent most of the past 10 years living and working in Dubai. Her first job was as marketing and events manager for Gargash Motors. While handling the Alfa Romeo and Saab brands she had endless opportunities to interact within the local market and soon realized that the world of real estate offers unlimited potentials.

During the same period the Dubai property boom started and she made her first investment in real estate. Anjili bought a commercial unit for which she paid a 10 per cent deposit, and promptly sold it within a month gaining a serious 100 per cent profit.

This promising experience convinced her that the property scene was the place to be.

Farewell to the motor trade!
Anjili joined a real estate company. Over the next two years she learned everything about property transactions.

By 2005 her own property portfolio had grown and she decided to open her own real estate agency – Megabucks Realty. Since than by buying and selling for her self and handful of regular investors she made incredible returns.
“I would never change my profession… I only wish I had started real estate years ago!!! Would have been sailing round the world on my yacht !!!”,  she laughs.

In 2007 Anjili moved up into the premier league, by adopting the practice to underwrite towers directly from the developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She managed to sell all the floors to her loyal list of investors in short period of time, and then promptly sold it on again to the next generation of investors with a slight premium.
Other towers followed in quick succession, including the Capital Bay Y6 tower on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. Megabucks Realty’s turnover skyrocketed.

Success is addictive, and no other options are even consider it. To the questions for  her future  business plans  Anjili answers:  “The word slow down sounds amazing, but there is no time for that, as the other Emirates are catching up and launching new projects every week.  Working hard for the next 5 years seems to be the plan for now!”

Being business owner is not that difficult as it may sound,  it requires a good organization and discipline, along with know how and right contacts.
“I normally work 4-5 hours a day, as I have a 2 year daughter now and want to spend as much time as I can with her. She is my one and only  true inspiration.” says Anjili.
Her office operates smoothly with few administrative staff only. During the years of trading Anjili dealt  with a large number of investors, who prefer to deal directly with her as she already gained their trust.


Seasonal ups and downs can’t affect  her confidence in the future of the real estate business.
”Over the last few years summer was actually very very busy, sometimes busier than some of the other months.  However, this year summer seems to have slowed down substantially, I think most of the people in Dubai have made lots and lots of money over the few years and are now leaving town for the whole 2 months and enjoying it, whereas before they would leave and be back in 2 weeks tops…..”, she says.

” I don’t think that a correction will happen anytime soon… Dubai is still a very new city, just waiting to happen….there are so many people coming into Dubai on a daily basis, opening companies, looking for jobs… the housing market will still take another 3 to 5 years before we see, not a correction in the market, but a more regulated growth , rather than a sharp rising market at the moment.  Developers are taking advantage of the prices and are increasing them too fast , especially in Abu Dhbai.  In the last one year, Abu Dhabi prices have doubled, and still going up….”, she continues.

Personal life also requires organization and planing, especially when you have a family and an incredibly responsible job in real estate investments.
Anjili says: ” We normally try to leave Dubai as often as we can, just a few days out every other month does a world of a difference.  We go to different places all the time.  We keep Hong Kong once a year and visit the family, south of France is one of my most favorite destination during the summer.  And for a getaway of  a couple of days…. London is just awesome!”

But Dubai and the success she achieved have a magnetic charisma as no other destination in the world in personal and business aspect.
” I don’t believe in putting any money outside of the country or city I am in, as you can never really monitor the growth or sale of the property and you will never know the right time to sell. I will always buy property where I can see it!!”

For Anjili Samtani being a real estate dealer become a way of life!



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