Arabic language teaching app launches on iPhone


Flagship, a Dubai-based hi-tech mobile and web applications provider, today launched ‘Huroofi – My letters’, a revolutionary iPhone App that helps children recognize basics of Arabic language in a user friendly environment.

Shadi Hasan, Managing Director, Flagship Projects, said: “We are delighted to launch this world-class mobile application. It is one of the best Arabic educational applications developed for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and designed to teach children from the 4-9 age group the principles of language in ways that are easy, simple and fun, incorporating elements of drawing, interactive speech and latest edutainment techniques.

‘Huroofi was developed with the help of a specialist team. Moreover, this application is just one step in Flagship’s edutainment futuristic plan that was reflected in winning the World summit award in Abu Dhabi for the m-Learning & Education “Hesabi,” Hasan added.

‘Huroofi’ provides a new self-study plan for children, helping them to recognize the essence of the Arabic language by providing a simple learning environment and material. The application is cost effective and comes with many additional services like free content updating and support team.

“The UAE is moving forward to prove that it is one of the best mobile applications developers in the Middle East and we will all work hand in hand to ensure that this part of the world excels when it comes to mobile phone applications adoption,” Hasan added.


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