Top 100 Fintech Companies Valuation


Data presented by  indicates that the global value of the top 100 Fintech is $2.8T and is steadily approaching the $3T mark.

Commenting on the data, Edith Reads said. “The Fintech industry has grown from strength to strength. The sector is becoming popular daily. Despite the world’s economic breakdowns, the sector is surging. With little fine-tuning on regulations, Fintech will be exceptional.”

She further added, “The digital payments sector is the key segment of the Fintech industry. It accounts for more than 80% of global Fintech sales. People who adopted the practice of soft cash during COVID-19 are still relying on Fintech. Besides, many people are leveraging blockchain for financial transactions.”

Visa and Mastercard lead the pack

The leading fintech companies by market caps have headquarters in the United States. Visa and Mastercard’s payment firms are the most valuable, with a market cap of almost $478 billion and $368 billion, respectively. 

Chinese Ant Financial, or Ant Group, comes in third with a market valuation of 312 billion dollars. 

Technology is a significant booster in the Fintech sector

While Visa has shown a deviation in the first quarter of the year, plenty of fintech platforms has had positive growth in their share value. The development is anchored on the adoption of Fintech by nearly all countries worldwide.


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