Free Round-the-clock COVID-19 Consultations via Video, Voice Calls


All Dubai residents can now contact Dubai Health Authority, DHA, doctors via video and voice calls, for free 24/7 consultation and queries regarding COVID-19.

The health authority announced in a statement that it is providing this service through its ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’ initiative, which was launched by the authority last December to fulfill the goals of Article 5 of the Fifty-Year Charter.

The initiative, which initially provided family medicine consultations for Emiratis, will now provide free consultation to all Dubai Residents for coronavirus concerns.

Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of the Primary Healthcare Sector at the DHA said that the authority will utilise telemedicine – which refers to remote clinical healthcare facilitated through apps, calls, and video calls – to provide the public with consultation from certified DHA physicians.

Residents who want answers to their health queries from official sources or are concerned about any symptoms they have can also contact the ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’ service.

“This will especially benefit residents on self-quarantine at home as they will be able to get any health-related queries they may have, answered without leaving the comfort of their homes,” said Dr Taryam.

The DHA advised that individuals should monitor their symptoms whilst at home, and urged individuals to utilise the ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’ initiative should they develop a fever or any flu-like symptoms.

Dr Taryam explained that the Doctor for Every Citizen initiative will cover initial consultation and follow-ups were the physician uses a telehealth platform to communicate with the person while viewing his medical record. The physician will also be able to request lab and radiology tests as well as issue electronic prescriptions.

Under the new service, the public will have round-the-clock access to doctors, specialists and consultants who are DHA certified and trained on using telehealth.

“To access this service all they have to do is download the DHA mobile app and sign up. They then have to book an appointment for the ‘Doctor for every citizen’ service by calling the DHA toll-free number 800 342. Doctors and patients can opt for check-ups via video-call or voice-call,” the DHA official noted.


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