Latest in AI Technology Showcased in Dubai


Google, SAP, Informatica and Cloudera are among official sponsors of Deloitte’s Experience Analytics event

Deloitte launched its Middle East inaugural Experience Analytics event in Dubai at Dubai Studio City.

Experience Analytics is a globally recognised Deloitte event and has previously taken place in London, Amsterdam and Berlin. The theme is ‘Me, Myself, and AI’ and brings together a combination of technology showcases and practical sessions that explore a number of topics across Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It is not about people vs. machines but about how human collaboration and decision-making can be enhanced through the use of machines – this has been coined by Deloitte as the “Age of With”.

“We believe that we are entering an important phase for society in the Age of With, and in order to make a true impact that matters, we understand how important it is to collaborate and leverage our relationships with our alliances and eco-system partners to build the best solutions for our clients. Some of our global alliance partners for the event are Google, SAP, Informatica and Cloudera,” said Rajeev Lalwani, Deloitte’s Leader for Strategy, Analytics and M&A in the Middle East.

The Experience Analytics is a full day highly immersive event, and guests had the opportunity to experience the latest innovations, assets, and insights. It brought together top C-suite executives and senior AI and Data specialists from the region to discuss the latest in data and digital trends with a focus on how organisations can design and build the right skills, approaches, technology and culture to further their journey to becoming an ‘insight-driven’ organisation.

“Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already transforming economies, jobs and the society we live in. We are seeing the demand from our clients to support them on their journey to combine physical and digital technologies through analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and the internet of things (IoT) to create digital enterprises that are both interconnected and capable of more informed decision-making. Launching the inaugural Experience Analytics event in Dubai with our alliances and ecosystem is a very exciting time for us in the Middle East,” said Tim Parr, CEO, Consulting, Deloitte Middle East.

“Artificial Intelligence is part of every client conversation today, and the adoption of AI brings with it immense possibilities but also its fair share of challenges,” added Lalwani. “We believe that bringing Deloitte, its clients and ecosystem under one roof amplified  the conversation on how Strategy can be powered by AI and Analytics and deliver a downstream impact and transform your business.”

“Harnessing the power of AI in fields such as healthcare and life sciences, financial services, governments and others can create synergies and improved workforces which can add value to business. Artificial Intelligence is here, and it’s ready to get to work,” said Yousef Barkawie, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte Middle East, who leads the Analytics and Cognitive market offering in the region

The event had more than 22 sessions and an equal number of global speakers covering diverse areas such as Public Policy, Government, Education, Transportation, Banking Energy and Natural Resources, Media and Telecoms,  and the Private Sector through highly immersive and interactive sessions, plenaries, and engaging with the participants throughout the day bringing in their experiences from across the world.


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