UAE Leads Regional AI Market


The UAE’s recently-launched Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 is pioneering the Middle East and Africa’s artificial intelligence (AI) market topping USD 530 billion by 2022, industry experts announced today.

The UAE aims to use AI to enhance government performance and efficiency, especially in Education with personalized learning, Transportation with reduced crashes, Energy with enhanced facilities management, Technology with new levels of communication, and Space with more accurate testing and performance.

Boosted by the UAE’s public and private sector investment in AI, the Middle East and Africa’s Artificial Intelligence market is set to grow by a stunning 83 percent, from USD 290 million in 2019 to USD 530 million by 2022, according to IDC.

“Boardrooms across the UAE are excited about the AI Strategy 2031 in supporting rapid AI adoption, and are investing in AI for their future business models,” argues Savitha Bhaskar, COO at the UAE-based IT infrastructure and information management consultancy and solutions provider Condo Protego. “Channel partners can help organizations to follow a three-step AI process: understand how AI can be used, develop specific use cases, then calculate the cost-benefit to the business.”

Because of the vast amount of computing power needed to analyze massive amounts of data, the foundation for organizations to adopt AI is high-performance computing across workstations, servers, networking, storage, software and services.

Condo Protego expects to see strong regional interest in Dell Technologies’ Ready for AI portfolio of solutions, including on-premise hardware and analytics software.

“True artificial intelligence requires organizations to have massive data to analyze, and investment in computing power to find the signal in the noise of the data,” added Savitha Bhaskar. “As AI increases in capability and drops in costs, the medium-term use cases could be autonomous vehicles communicating with one another; statistical modeling in banking, finance, and insurance to approve loans or to buy and sell stocks and derivatives; and Web-scale media distributors personalizing content.”

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