Innovative Thinking for Competitive Digital Advantage


A roadmap for digital innovation and the adoption of next-generation technologies in the coming decade headlined BCG’s Middle East CEO Forum, featuring esteemed speakers from the region.

As a leading advisor shaping the future, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has driven the agenda forward for how Middle East companies can identify value, unlock potential and disrupt to win in the digital revolution. At the annual BCG Middle East CEO Forum, future opportunities for creating value from disruption were discussed with CEOs and senior business leaders from across the region, at the Bvlgari Resort & Residences Dubai, UAE.

The 2019 Forum hosted a number of esteemed speakers and panelists from within the Middle East and across the world to share their knowledge, expertise, and perspectives about key digital opportunities. The talks inspired the many attending CEOs and senior business leaders to think about new and agile business models, which will enable organizations to tap into their full digital potential and win the ‘20s.

The speakers and panelists included CEO of Noon Faraz Khalid, Group CEO of Americana Kesri Kapur, Managing Director of Virgin Mobile UAE Karim Benkirane, former Manager of Google Germany, in addition to BCG’s Chairman Dr. Hans-Paul Bürkner, BCG’s Technology Advantage Practice Global Leader Karalee Close, and BCG Digital Ventures Managing Partner Maher Masri. The audience also got the opportunity to interact with technological innovations including a humanoid robot and a virtual AI-powered recruiter.

“We see a strong desire from private and public sector organizations in the Middle East to further accelerate their journeys embracing digital technology, to digitally-enhance all operations and seize long-term competitiveness. To win in the ’20s and harness the value from digital, a three-step journey is needed: identify where the value is, unlock it, and disrupt with digital,” said Joerg Hildebrandt, Senior Partner & Managing Director at BCG Middle East. “We strive to advance collective thinking with thought-provoking discussions to inspire the strategic digital transformation agenda in the coming decade. The Middle East region is abundant with inspiration and desire to determine how next-generation technologies will enable the region to realize true value.”

This year’s CEO Forum elaborated upon a recently launched global framework on “Winning the ‘20” – a new leadership agenda that puts forward five key drivers to help businesses prepare for the rapidly evolving competitive landscape and emerging challenges of the decade ahead. Adapting organizations to tap into their full digital potential is a key parameter to win the coming decade.


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