Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam Overview: Why it is so Important?


CCNA 200-125 exam is a test that is aimed at checking the competence of an individual in setting up, maintaining, and repairing networked systems. Cisco is one of the leading companies in the field of networking in the world. The company provides certifications to people who are interested in being recognized as a true networking guru. PrepAway Pass 200-301

200-125 certification exam is designed to validate skills and knowledge of a candidate in following fields:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • WAN and LAN Technologies
  • Routing Technologies
  • Infrastructure Services,Management, and Security

About the Exam

Cisco 200-125 exam verifies your knowledge and skills on the following topics:

LAN (Local Area Network) Switching Technologies topic includes setting up a small (local area) network, ways of ensuring that the network works correctly and can be easily repaired in case it fails.

IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies topic includes setting up a network and ways to ensure that the data exchange is working correctly. It is also essential to ensure that the data is safe from hacker’s attacks and free from errors.

WAN (Wide Area Network) technologies topic deals with setting up networks that traverse a large geographical area and that subsequent support of their correct operation.

Infrastructure services topic includes essential guides about how to ensure that the network can transfer data from one point to another correctly. The most used service in the networking world today is the TCP/IP service which sets up data protocols that need to be followed when the information is sent from one point to another. These services essentially enable data transfer and receiving.

Infrastructure security is one of the most rapidly changing fields of networking. This is due to the fact that one hundred percent security is an impossible feat. So,many companies have a certain need to constantly modify data protection methods.This leads to the situation when the demand for qualified specialists never decreases.

Infrastructure management includes the actions that need to be taken after the network has been set up. The main objectives of this field are:

  • Networking Fundamentals -15%
  • LAN Switching Techniques -21%
  • Routing Technologies -23%
  • WAN Overview – 10%
  • Infrastructure administration-10%
  • Infrastructure Security -11%
  • Infrastructure Deployment and Management – 10%

The exam will consist of 60 – 70 questions which you are required to answer in 90 minutes.

Why do you need to get that certification?

The main audience of Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-125) exam are all the specialists interested in working in the fields mentioned above. It is important to note, that CCNA credential is open to anyone regardless of the level of education and if you want to get the credential it’s only up to you. The certification fee is affordable and all the necessary study materials are available on Cisco CCNA 200-125 Certification Dumps.

Cisco test can be done online and the candidate will be able to receive a certification immediately without physically attending a networking class. Regardless of the fact that there are no specific prerequisites to sit for Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-125) exam, it is advised that an individual had a basic understanding of computers and most of the networking aspects.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-125) is a very popular credential in the Information Technology world, especially in the networking field because of a number of factors regarding the exam. First, CCNA is a global standard. When a candidate acquires the certification from CISCO after passing the exams he or she can work in companies all over the world. With the appearance of new technologies in the IT sphere, it has transformed the world from a planet to a global city. This, in turn, means that certified specialists are capable to work from anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of race, tribe or place of origin. Many companies consider Cisco as the sole solution provider in the networking business. This means that the credential can virtually guarantee you an upper hand in any job listing almost in any country.


CCNA 200-125 exam will open your mind to the possibilities in the other fields of Information Technology. The integration is a new trend in the Information Technology world. This means that products that can work easily with other products are in high demand. Cisco certification ensures employee’s competence and understanding of the routing and switching field. For example, the TCP/IP protocol is not only used in networking but it is also used in web development.This means that if a worker completely understands the TCP/IP protocol then he or she is able to at least understand something about the web development.

CCNA 200-125 certification exam enables prospective employers to choose from the best in the industry. In today’s world, only the best are required by companies. Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-125) exam is an approval seal that a particular individual is well versed in the networking field. The fact alone that you have Cisco credential means that you are already favored by employers because you are more competent than the others. Cisco courses are one of the most consistent and required by at least eighty percent of companies globally.

CCNA 200-125 exam provides a benchmark for those who want to test themselves for an ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Taking a mock test is a good opportunity to identify your weaknesses and work on them more intensely. This means that half-qualified individuals are rare to find among CCNA-certified specialists and that all the Cisco-trained professionals are able to work and do so competently.

In conclusion

Nowadays, it is difficult to delve into the job market without a proper credential in this competitive world. CCNA Routing and Switching certification tries to solve this problem by providing the necessary credential that is accepted worldwide. It makes the credential very crucial to individuals that build the IT career. It is time to get certified through one of the best platforms and finally get the job of your dreams.


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