First look at the Skriware 2 3D Printer


Skriware – a Polish-Swedish startup developing a 3D printing ecosystem for educational and home purposes has unveiled its latest device at the Gitex Technology Week 2017 – one of the world’s largest technology events.

Skriware 2 is a successor of the start-up’s first, Kickstarter-funded device. The new 3D printer model will enable simpler, more powerful and intuitive way to 3D print and manage users’ projects.

In the not too distant future 3D printers will be as common and popular as mobile phones or computers. We believe that soon they will be present in most modern households, thus our goal is to accelerate this process and make it possible for everyone to start using 3D technology right away – says Karol Górnowicz, Skriware CEO.

The same revolutionary 3D printing experience in the brand new release

The Skriware 2 3D printer is an intuitive, Plug’n’Play device with user-friendly interface that can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their age or skills. While it requires no prior 3D printing experience, it is still designed to fully meet the expectations of advanced users.

The design of the Skriware’s latest device is a nod to its predecessor, however it incorporates numerous improvements. Among the new model’s distinctive features there are a much larger workspace, and a double extruder which allows simultaneous printing with various colors and materials. Furthermore, Skriware 2 features a full-color touch screen with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The 7-inch display provides users with a direct access to their personal online 3D libraries including robotic designs and allows to prepare any 3D model to print, which previously needed additional software on the separate device.

Skriware 2 makes 3D printing process easier and more intuitive than ever, giving our customers revolutionary user experience. It is a new member of Skriware ecosystem which allows users to freely cross the boundaries of their imagination and, among others, create customized 3D printed robots, learn programming, and discover the art of design – says Karol Górnowicz.

Skriware 2 has been unveiled in Dubai on October 9th, during one of the world’s largest technology event – Gitex Technology Week 2017. The 3D printer will retail for $1800, in pre-order – $1599.


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