Travel Hacks for Solo Travellers


Travelling with loved ones or groups is indeed a fun activity, but if you are looking for something more deep and challenging, solo travel is for you!

Solo traveling opens up possibility of new; it pushes you out of your comfort zone and compels you to see the world in a new light. You are free to move on “your” own, see places “you” want to experience, indulge in activities “you” choose to be part of; the pleasure of not being tied down to someone else’s schedule is liberating to say the least.

However, you will still need to follow a few basic guidelines so as to ensure your solo adventure is all fun and not much pain!

Check these 7 essential travel tips for successfully travelling on your own.

Opt for a fully organised tour

If you are a first timer and nervous about your trip, you can consider booking a fully organised tour that ensures you are in a group of like-minded travellers. Check the various online travel forums like TripAdvisor, where you can chat to the people in the group beforehand, get to know them a bit and make arrangements to travel together afterwards.

Opt for day tours or trips

Day tours and trips are ‘touristy’, agreed! But they are also a lot safer and often offer the best way to see a lot within a short span of time. It’s also a great way to meet lots of new people, ones you can go out for dinner and drinks later.

Packing – Less is more!

You possibly have heard this numerous times, and let us remind you one last time – less is more! Packing light is not only about traveller’s convenience (you can move easily with a backpack rather than lugging along jumbo suitcases), but it is also about safety. Moving with large suitcases alongside the street carries a subtle invitation – ‘Rob me, please’! And, am pretty sure, you are not looking forward to that!

Avoid mid-night arrivals

Midnight or early night flight prices are cheaper, yet, keep that for group or family vacations. If you are arriving at a new place, it would be nicer if you opt for day arrivals. However, in case it is completely unavoidable, check if you could book airport transfers for the hotel or hostel which is hands down the best mode to commute in the dead of the night or wee hours of the day.

Act like a local

One way of warding off unnecessary attention is not doing things you wouldn’t do in your own country or city. It could mean several things – bargaining, communicating in local language and most importantly not leaking out private information to strangers.

Keep folks back home updated

Thanks to the advanced technology, keeping in touch is easier than ever before. Even if you are looking for a digital detox, it doesn’t hurt to keep in touch with your loved ones. Not only will it save them from anxious thoughts, it is important for your own safety. Drop a message, leave a voice note or send a picture – choose any way to communicate but make sure someone at all times knows about your whereabouts!

When you sense danger, scream your lungs out!

If situation demands, don’t hesitate to yell! No matter what country you are in, yelling is a universal sign of being in danger and easiest way to draw people’s attention.

Appear confident

Running out of money, losing way or important documents, all these mishaps are common and can happen to anyone; important is how you react to it, especially during solo travels. Panicking, appearing lost and confused is like sending a signal out to troublemakers. Remember, you are savvier and stronger than you give yourself credit for. Take a moment, get comfortable in your own skin and give yourself time to adapt to this new mode of travel.


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