Best LEGO Advent Calendars


When Christmas is near, what could be a better gift for children than a LEGO Advent Calendar? It captures their attention to details and it inspires their imagination.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit contains 282 pieces and is designed for 6 – 14 – years-old kids. You can buy it here. Based on the successful movie, LEGO Star Wars consists of 8 mini figures, 2 blaster pistols, Luke Skywalker’s Light saber, 3 blasters and a snow caster. Holiday-themed minifigure is also included. Sleigh, Skyhopper and Droid Gunship are some of the various units LEGO offers you.

Now children can create a distant space and heroes, invent stories and build them into reality.


Another kids’ toy is LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop (883 pieces), very suitable for 12 + years old children. It includes a beautiful sleigh, 4 reindeer, Christmas tree and a lot of more parts. The building set represents Santa’s Workshop and inspires children’s imagination about the magic world of Santa Claus.

All kids and many adults love Santa and now they have the great opportunity to play at his workshop with dwarfs. All the figures are realistic and beautifully detailed which brings even more imagination while playing.


Lego releases three different versions of their Advent Calendar each year, and this Friends model is the “girly” one. As usual there are lots of fun mini-models to assemble and place on the box’s play area, including 2 dolls.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Building Kit is also very cute and girlish. Skating, drinking tea and baking are some of the pretend play ideas little girls can explore.


Lego sets are a great Christmas gift. Lego is not just a building constructor but a mission to create and make ideas come true. To develop children’s mind and maintain their curiosity. Don’t make LEGO wait for you! Bring it into your house and enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the world of knowledge, fantasy and creativity. Explore the world of LEGO where professionals have been inspired by children’s curiosity and genuineness. And this inspiration may be easily seen in every different LEGO set. The brand is twice nominated for the toy of the 20th century!

Playing with LEGO builds knowledge, provokes inspiration. Because by building children create and this activity develops self-esteem and confidence. Then they are responsible for what they create – how it will look like, how it will be constructed, and how their idea will come true. And last, but not least, children develop capacity and ideas. 

Created in 1932, the Danish brand has become much loved and used by both children and adults.




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