New ‘Amazing Thailand Luxury’ Campaign Unveiled

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand Unveils New ‘Amazing Thailand Luxury’ Campaign
  • Campaign aims to position Thailand as a ‘Quality Leisure Destination through Thainess’ for Middle East travellers

Thailand - Elephant Trekking Tour_2, Kanchanaburi

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) officially launched a new marketing campaign to attract quality tourists from the Middle East during the Amazing Thailand Luxury Networking Reception hosted in the famous Burj Al Arab on 26 April, 2016.

At the launch event, TAT unveiled its strategy on attracting more Middle East travellers to Thailand through ‘Quality Leisure Destinations through Thainess’, spearheaded by the Amazing Thailand Luxury Campaign. Allowing the chance for top travel executives led by TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn to mingle with representatives from the Middle East travel and hospitality industry and members of the media invited by TAT Dubai, it also offered participants the chance to network and learn more about the latest developments in Thailand’s travel industry as well as to discuss prospective business and partnerships.

The event was aimed at boosting the numbers of luxury tourists from Middle East nations by promoting Thailand’s wide range of high-class attractions and experiences as well as fine dining, health and wellness opportunities, family friendly resorts and attractions, as well as world-class shopping. These are all backed by that touch of Thainess and innate hospitality that makes every visit to Thailand a unique and memorable experience. Thailand also has great experience in catering to Middle East travellers.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “Middle East travellers are renowned for recognising quality and for seeking out family friendly luxury offerings, all of which Thailand is famous for. In terms of accommodation, healthcare, shopping and cultural experiences, Thailand’s standards are always high. By marketing the kingdom as a ‘Quality Leisure Destination through Thainess’, we are positioning ourselves as a unique nation that serves the needs of luxury lovers while also meeting their religious requirements.”

To ensure that Middle East travellers as well as tourists from other Muslim nations get the most out of their Thai travels, TAT is working with tour operators, hotels and other businesses; such as, hospitals, health centres and restaurants to ensure the needs of Middle East visitors are met. Many hotels and businesses now employ Arabic speaking staff and there are many restaurants in Thailand that offer halal dishes both local and international. A mobile application has also been designed to help Muslim travellers find the nearest mosques, halal restaurants, and other facilities of cultural importance to Muslim travellers.


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