What is Audible?


Audible CollageAs a web-based audio library, Audible is the best source to download and listen to audiobooks, exclusive articles and lectures.

To help you discover it for yourself, we would like to invite you to try Audible for 30 days free of charge. And because we really want to persuade you to do that, our offer includes two free of charge Audio books which you will be able to download once you opt for free trial above. No strings attached – you can cancel your membership on the 29th day and you will not pay anything.

What is Audible?

Audible.com is an online store that offers nearly 200,000 professionally narrated books, lectures and other written works that you can listen to. The service is available also as a mobile app which is very enjoyable to use on the move – while being outdoors, exercising or travelling. So, you will have a speaking companion wherever you go. Of course, you will be the one to choose what you want to hear. Moreover, a few minutes long sample of each book is available to help you decide if you like or dislike the voice of a narrator. Some of the professionals are a true pleasure to listen to, while others could be annoying with over confident voices or strange accents. We really enjoyed the voices of Polly Stone in “The Nightingale” and of Gildart Jackson in “Tai-Pan“.

As an Amazon’s subsidiary since 1997, Audible is safe and secure to use. It utilizes the same online selling technology as Amazon. Customer service is absolutely punctual and very efficient.

Who will enjoy Audible?

Before all, you should ask yourself the question if you truly enjoy reading books, learning new things, discovering different words and characters. Then, do you have the time for it? Listening to stories is indeed enjoyable and calming, but it takes time. Audible is addictive! The good news is that audiobooks are created for multitaskers. You can easily complete mechanical tasks while you are listening to audio content.

We recommend Audible to people who work on the web because they will be able to rest their eyes while enjoying good stories. Verbal learners will also find Audible very useful and helpful, especially as they can find in its library a large variety of lectures and research materials. People who want to learn foreign languages will definitely improve on their accents by listening to audio books. The list of Audible fans includes everyone who enjoys reading.

How to try Audible and subscribe?

If you are ready to immerse yourself in inspiring voices and opt for the free trial we offered in the beginning of this article, we recommend at first to subscribe on a regular computer and then install the app on your mobile phone, iPhod or tablet. Don’t worry, once you chose a book, you can download it or stream it on multiple devices. It is yours and it will remain in your personal Audible library even if you pause or cancel your membership. For your convenience, the listening process is synchronised across all of the registered under one name devices and this means that if you have reached to page 66 on your tablet, you can continue after a few days from the same page on your smartphone.

Once you complete the free 30-day trial we have offered in the beginning of this article, there is a variety of options to subscribe to Audible and you will be able to review them on the website’s Membership page. If you chose a monthly subscription of $14.95 that offers one book credit, be sure that you choose a costlier read. Audible sometimes discounts selected titles to even $4.75 during limited time sales. Also, many books are offered for less than $14.95 and it is better to pay for such separately.

Listen to audiobooks on your commute, in the gym, while doing chores and you won’t regret it! Suddenly you will have a whole lot more time to enjoy your favorite books and you will love it.

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