For fresh food-to-go, think Pronto


Think Pronto. Love the taste!

Fresh, healthy and tasty! Moreover, the variety of good food is available on the go!

Baguette Meal

Surely you know Pronto, and most probably you have had a coffe and muffin from them at least ones! In case you haven’t noticed, the multiple look-alike bakery corners of the Zoom outlets at the most of ENOC and EPPCO petrol stations are called Pronto.

According to the English dictionary, “pronto” means informal and at once. Following the brand’s name, the small bakery kiosks deliver as promised – “fresh and delicious food served quickly and politely.”

With a minimum effort and for a very reasonable cost, you can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner at Pronto in nearly 40 locations across Dubai. Think Pronto!

Love the taste.

Freshness-to-go? Yes, salads, sandwiches and bagels are available whole day long. In the mornings, for a new day start, Pronto will treat you to croissants, muffins and freshly brewed coffee.

Munchies-to-go: Quiche, pies, manakeesh are nearly everyones’s favorite snack in this part of the world. There are also treats-to-go and not only Danish and pecan pastries, muffins, but a lot more.


Pronto’s menu have actually expanded recently and you should know that now you can enjoy even freshly-prepared and ready-to-go pizzas or pasta, pies, cookies, biscuits, cream cakes.

So, if you have reached to this paragraph of our article, it means that you are genuinely seduced already. We want to get advantage on the opportunity and invite you to Like Pronto’s page on Facebook: You should do that because Pronto is adding new items to its menu and wants you to know about it first, so next time you feel hungry not to think twice but stop at the nearest ENOC or EPPCO petrol station and try their food.


You won’t regret it, we are frequently at Pronto’s and we love the taste of their food!


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