Sony Unveils its Latest Products at CES 2016


Sony Corporation will unveil its new lineup of products slated for release in 2016, at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the Sony press conference held on Tuesday, January 5 (local time), Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai stated: “Providing KANDO – the Japanese philosophy of “the strong feeling you get when you are moved emotionally” – continues to be the core focus and goal of our business.”

Sony’s upcoming products to be released within the year come from across a wide range of categories. Sony’s 4K BRAVIA™ TVs heavily emphasise picture quality and look, and they bring next-generation level visual experiences right into your living room. Sony’s ever expanding range of audio products offers you different ways to enjoy music to fit your unique tastes, from High-Resolution Audio (“Hi-Res”) to extra bass. Its line of digital imaging products enables you to capture easy-to-miss moments in the great outdoors and preserve memories of life’s most important events in stunning true-to-life detail. And finally, products in the Life Space UX series blend right into physical living spaces and redefine how entertainment is experienced. Sony will be bringing forth new products in each of these categories throughout the course of the year.


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Sony will pursue ever more realistic and immersive visuals, by merging its superb 4K picture clarity technologies together with HDR (High Dynamic Range), which has recently garnered significant attention as a new technology. HDR dramatically expands the range of visual expression possible, by realising higher brightness, higher contrast and more vibrant colors. Starting this year, Sony will brand its BRAVIA™ TVs that are capable of taking full advantage of 4K HDR content with a new “4K HDR” logo, in order to clearly convey to consumers that – with these TVs – they are assured of next-generation, emotionally compelling visual experiences. The new X93D series of BRAVIA™ 4K LCD TVs is equipped with Sony’s brand new Slim Backlight Drive™ technology that takes picture quality to new heights by delivering the best quality from 4K HDR content. With a unique backlight system structure, the X93D series realizes grid array backlighting, which was previously only achievable with full-array direct LED backlights. Slim Backlight Drive™, combined with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO contrast-enhancing technology and wide color gamut TRILUMINOS™Display technology, delivers brighter highlights, deeper blacks and more brilliant colors. This trifecta of technologies unlocks the full potential of 4K HDR content, all the while realising an even slimmer TV designs. When hung against a wall, X93D series BRAVIAs virtually disappear into it, leaving behind nothing but the picture itself. This series also delivers a new intuitive viewing experience, with Sony’s seamless user interface and voice search functionality putting a whole world of content a mere click or query away. At its booth, Sony will also be showing off one of its next-generation technologies, Backlight Master Drive. This technology boosts brightness and contrast even further in order to truly tap the full combined potential of 4K HDR. The Backlight Master Drive demonstration will feature a 85-inch prototype that achieves precision backlight boosting with ultra-high density direct LED backlights. Paired with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, Backlight Master Drive attains an unprecedented dynamic range, dramatically improving visual depth and realism. It recreates incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights with an ultra-peak brightness of 4,000 nits, generating images so convincing that they appear to be real, right before your very eyes. Additionally, at its press conference, Sony unveiled ULTRA, a new app from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to be launched this year in the US. With ULTRA, you can purchase and stream 4K HDR movies and TV shows – the best new and classic titles from the 4K digital library of Sony Pictures – directly on your Sony BRAVIA TV.


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