Eid in Dubai! Plan B


Eid in Dubai! The public holiday for government employees starts today and many people will enjoy a few days off work to relax and celebrate Eid. Even workers in private companies will get an extra day off work. So, do you have plans already how to spend the  days of Eid in Dubai?

Short breaks in nearby cities during the summer months in UAE might be challenging to plan. The most common place you can socialize is the mall where retailers are gearing up to cash on consumers’ mood for celebrations and shopping. Restaurants and coffee shops are even worse for your wallet places to be during public holidays, as they will charge more for festive meals while you will add more to your waistline.

If you are not keen on spending much and joining the people circling the shopping malls, the best things to do during Eid in Dubai might be very simple, enjoyable and relaxing.

Sleeping WomanFirst of all, sleep more. In recent years, life in city has become very stressful due to the ever increasing cost of living. People can often find themselves working long hours even during the weekends. So, get advantage on the public holiday opportunity to rest and sleep as much as you want.

YOGA ON THE BEACHSwimming and other activities by the beach in the late afternoon hours or early morning are also relaxing and enjoyable. Walking on the sand and eye-wandering in the open space of the Arabian sea helps releasing stress.

Organizing, re-arranging and cleaning your home is also very much refreshing, and it will condition your attitude towards more positive thinking. At the end you will feel happier that you have completed a few tasks that you have been postponing for a long time. Clearing the clutter on your desk or in your wardrobe may work small wonders on your mood. Here is a book you must read if you are not yet convinced.

Watch TV and listen to music! For some people, watching TV has become a luxury not so much because of the high cost of OSN channels, but because of their busy work schedules. Listening to quality music is also important and can improve your mood. It is not the same as listening to Virgin Radio while you are stuck in the traffic.

SkypeCall your friends and relatives, even if you don’t have many and even if some of them are so far that Skype is the best way to reach them. You can always suggest to them to meet, to visit each other or go to the cinema together. Friends and family should be on the top of your priorities list. Being nice and caring to people is a very important factor for a happy life.


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