Stop Caring About Five Things to Feel Happier


Happiness comes from the little things, like listening to birds’ songs, watching the sunrise with someone you love, or even watching your favourite TV show in your pajamas. That is why most happiness gurus advise people seeking for happiness to learn to notice these “little things.” However, there are also a number of other things to which you should try to pay a minimum attention in order to live and feel happier.

Gossiping and sticking your nose into other people’s business is something happy people don’t do. Instead, they focus on their life and they would only intervene if they feel they can help someone.


Most people give and they expect to get something in return. However, when they do not receive what they have been expecting, regardless of whether it was a favour, a praise, a gift or anything else, they often become disappointed, hurt, angry and experience all sorts of other anti-happy emotions. Find joy in the act of giving alone and that fact that you have made someone else’s life a little bit easier or more pleasant.

Material Things

Madonna may be a “material girl,” but measuring your happiness and success in material possessions could actually have a negative effect your life and even on your health. Of course, having a large home, a luxury ride and a big bank account is not bad. Still, it can be if you focus on it too much.

The Past

If you are the type of person who can hold a grudge for something said or done years ago, your chances of being happy are quite slim. Forgiving or at least forgetting will let your take off some of the burden your carry. Turing your back on your pride and resolving old issues can be very freeing.


One rule you can steal from happy people’s book is to be blind to differences. We all come in all sizes, shapes and colours. The problem is when you connect that to labels and expectations. To be happy, form your opinion on someone after you get to know them a little and not on their look and background. You never know where you can find a new friend.

Stop caring about these things and you will live as if you have no care in the world!


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