Selfies Are Banned!


The opinion is divided into two major camps – of those who love taking selfies and bragging about every place they have visited and pretty much everything they did, and of the others, who genuinely hate this 21-century social media phenomenon. So, if you are a dedicated selfie fan, you just can’t miss taking one on your vacation. But before taking out your phone, make sure you are in a selfie-free zone as there are at least 10 places where selfies are banned for real!

A lot of people are simply annoyed with the habit of taking snaps and spamming their social media feeds with pictures of yourself all the time. But after a series of unbelievable accidents, safety concerns associated with snapping the “perfect” photo have arisen. Last year, a woman slipped and fell from a bridge while trying to take a selfie, while a couple fell from a cliff edge in Cabo da Raca, Portugal, while attempting to… do the same. Whether using a selfie stick or just your stretched arm, this habit has become beyond narcissistic – now it’s strangely dangerous; not to mention it is quite an annoyance for others, especially in a museum or a concert. So, here are a few places where you will finally have to put down your phone and enjoy the surroundings, just like in the old times.

Tiger Selfie

Tiger Selfie
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You’ve probably seen photos of people (mostly men) on the Internet, taken insanely close to tigers, lions, and so on. Impressive, ah? Not so much, according to New York state authorities. They recently banned posing for a photo with big cats in order to protect both humans and animals - the tigers are said to be heavily drugged for these selfies.


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