Expensive Family Holiday Ideas on Inexpensive Price


Coming up with family holiday ideas that can tick a lot of boxes, it might be challenging. You need to find a holiday spot that the entire family will enjoy and also a destination that will be family-friendly. And if that is not enough, you also need to come up with a family holiday idea that you can realize in an affordable manner. Don’t worry, that is why travel guides like this one are for! Let’s take a good look at some of amazing travel spots that are not only great for family vacations, but will also be cheaper to visit in the summer of 2015!

Disneyland-Paris-Magic-KingdomParis Disneyland

Adults may be fine with spending their entire summer vacation carelessly lounging on the beach with a book in their hand and smile on their face. However, if there are kids in the holiday gang, they should head to a place that will keep them entertained and drain some of their never-ending energy. One such location is Paris! While most people associate the romantic city with museums and the Eiffel Tower, there is one spot in France’s capital that is the epicenter of family fun – Paris Disneyland. There are various of hotels and resorts located within or nearby Disneyland. Whenever you want to change the scenery, you can go and explore the charming streets of the city. In that way, everyone will be happy. Kids will have the time of their lives at Disneyland, mums will enjoy a shopping and dads will indulge in the trademark culture and architecture of Paris.

Affordable solution – Visiting Disneyland is usually hard to classify as budget-friendly. However, Qatar Airways has launched a number of Family Fun Holiday packages, one of which includes  a trip to Paris and Paris Disneyland.


Having a luxury holiday on an exotic island is classic vacation option for single professionals. Families, in contrast, are more open to city tourism since it is more affordable. Also, parents are usually with all the fun their children can have at a spot like the Seychelles, for instance. The amount of family resorts in the Seychelles is astonishing. In addition, there are special guided tours for kids that focus on exploring the local nature.

Affordable solution – This summer, the Seychelles will be less expensive to visit. The reason is that Emirates Airlines has introduced a new set of special hotel offers for that destination. Still, if you want take advantage of them, you will need to book your holiday by the end of June.


atlantis-image017Earlier this year, Miami was announced as one of millionaires’ favourite city. That is not surprising given the city’s busy nightlife, private beaches, and exclusive shopping opportunities. That is also probably why many families cross out Miami from the vacation ideas list. In reality, however, the city can be a fantastic family getaway. As a start, you can swim with the dolphins and Dolphin Harbor, or educate children on wildlife at the Seaquarium, in a similar way as in Dubai’s Atlantis. Also, you can always take the gang south of Miami Beach to one of the city’s park beaches and witness the one-of-a-kind ecosystem that characterizes the state of Florida.

Affordable solution – All-inclusive family packages for Miami will be a rarity this summer. The good news is that Qatar Airways is now offering one that will allow you to visit this incredible place on a much more affordable price.

When it comes to planning your family summer holiday, do not let price limit your choice of vacation destinations. You can take your family anywhere with a good travel offer.


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