Skype for Business Rolls Out This Month


Microsoft is launching a brand new service called Skype for Business. The service will be released together with an update for Office 2013 and it will focus on corporate users. In addition to that, Microsoft will introduce Skype for Business Online, which will be available for Office 365 subscribers. Again, it will arrive with an update by the end of this May.

What is Skype for Business?

Last fall, Microsoft first shared its plans to roll out the Skype for Business platform. According to the company, the new service will offer consumers a brand new, yet familiar experience. That is because it is a combination of Skype user interface and features offered by Lync, Microsoft’s instant messaging client developed for corporate environments.

In the most basic terms, Skype for Business is designed for business clients. Its main purpose is to connect co-workers.  By merging Skype and Lync, Microsoft attempt to make it more familiar to users, but with all powerful capabilities of Lync.

One of the new features that will be integrated into Skype for Business include Call via Work with which enterprise users will be able to make voice calls from the platform to a destination number. Clients of the platform will also be able to connect with other Skype of Business users thanks to Skype directory integration.  And yes, Skype’s emoticons are also included in the service. Simply said, Skype for Business users will get the best of both worlds.

The service will be built into Office. This means that corporate clients will be able to access Skype for Business features, like voice calls and instant messaging, directing from the Office platform.

The cool thing about the new Skype for Business client is that its users will be able to connect with Skype users as well. Moreover, they will be able not only to exchange instant messages with each other, but also make voice and video calls.

What Will Happen with Skype and Lync?

The regular version of Skype will continue to exist. Lync, on the other hand, will be rebranded and revamped to Skype for Business. Businesses who are already using this service should get the Skype-branded update in the next few weeks.

How to get Skype for Business?

If your company does not use Lync, you can use the cloud-based Skype for Business service. Subscription starts at $2 per user per month. However, companies can only use it with annual commitment.


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