New iPhone Arriving September in Pink


With its April release, Apple Watch stole all the attention in tech world, but most consumers are actually more interested in another device from Apple – the upcoming iPhone 6S. And while there is much speculation about its specifications and release date, it is most probably arriving in September. And the most exciting feature is the rumored pink colour.

iPhone 6When is iPhone 6S coming out?

Some believe Apple will release its new smartphone alongside the Apple Watch and the new MacBook on April 24.

However, last week during its Spring Forward event, the company didn’t even mention iPhone, so its release date isn’t likely to be this spring. But according to MacWorld, Apple can choose to debut phones twice a year to respond to the increasing competition from rival companies such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and so on. Still, a spring release is “too untraditional” for Apple and if we look at its iPhone release schedule history, we’ll see they all come in September-October – iPhone 4S came in October 2011, followed by iPhone 5 in September 2012, iPhone 5S and 5C in September 2013, and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September 2014. This pattern suggests a new release in September or October 2015.

What features will the iPhone 6S have?

According to most sources, the new headset will be relatively the same in both design and specs terms. Its size will probably remain at 4.7 inch display and it will be ultra-light, while the silhouette will again be slim, a bit rounded, and elegant. However, The Wall Street Journal reported that along with the silver, gold and space grey colours that are now available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the new 6S will also come in pink. That’s right – finally a lovely colour for the ladies! But don’t expect a bright pink. It is said to be a nice, gentle rose gold tone, much like the colour that will be available for the luxury Apple Watch Editions.

There are also rumors about “sidewall displays”, as it they are described in an official Apple patent, meaning that the display could extend onto the sides of the phone. However, most experts say this isn’t likely at least with this model, suggesting the sidewall touch display controls may arrive later in the future. One of the most-talked about issius around the iPhone 6S is its durability – it is said to to be tougher due to the use of new materials such as sapphire glass and Liquidmetal. The Guerilla Glass maker (the type of glass, currently used in iPhones) revealed a new kind of glass, called “Project Phire”. And the belief is the “phire” stands for “sapphire”.

Another new feature that Apple is currently working on, according to rumors, is “method for shielding electronic components from moisture”. In other words, the new iPhone 6S could be waterproof! But the company’s patent suggests that instead of protecting the entire phone from water, this technology will protect key parts inside of it. So, the elegant design will stay the same.

On March 9, along with the Apple Watch, the company revealed a new Macbook, which will have the so-called Force Trackpad. It will feature a technology that tells apart soft and harder touches, or more exactly, a tap and a press. In addition, the phone’s processor, likely called A9 chip, will be probably produced by Samsung.
A more exciting feature of the 6S will be its camera, which is believed to have a two-lens system, capturing DSLR-quality imagery, at least according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball. And Chinese website United Daily News claims that the new device will feature a dual-lens camera with optical zoom.

According to numerous “sources”, pretty much every spec of the iPhone 6S will be improved and maximized – from the storage to the Touch ID function. And millions of fans are in anticipation, especially since the Apple Watch availability will be very limited. It will be purchased only in several countries, at least in the first several months, until the company decides whether it will be a hit, or not. It won’t arrive in the UAE, but a rose gold iPhone 6S will be huge here!


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