Duplex Apartments in Dubai – Trendy, but Are They for You?


Duplex apartments in Dubai are becoming more and more trendier in recent years – they are modern, they are luxurious, and they are in some cases more affordable, when compared to houses and villas. But are they for you? Before making the decision on renting or buying a duplex apartment, you should take a closer look and analyze if such type of accommodation is suitable for you.

Burj Daman Duplex StaircaseIn fact, the use of the term “duplex apartment” is relatively new. It is used to describe a living space on two levels, which are connected by an inner staircase. And if you think this is the good, old maisonette, you are wrong. Maisonettes, or penthouses if on the top floors of the building, are more traditional properties, whereas the duplex is a modern, groovy home, appealing mostly to the single person. Due to the large space, two floors, and often two or even three bedrooms, they feel more like a bigger house, rather than a flat.

Indeed, duplex apartments offer that feeling of privacy that only a true home can inspire. They are often a sign of a certain status – a six-member family will never live in a duplex, but a single person or a young family with no kids will find it convenient, spacious and suitable to their needs. You will, however, need to decide whether you can afford it, because it will be pricier than the typical apartment with the same number of bedrooms. And it will be considerably cheaper than similar-size villas, however.

Burj Daman 2 Bed DuplexOne of the few developments that offer duplex units in the center of Dubai is Burj Daman – the newest addition to the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) skyline. The mixed-use Burj Daman consist of of three towers – an office building, as well as two high-rise towers, where you can find luxurious furnished or unfurnished apartments to buy or rent. Five star Rosewood hotel is expected to open doors in 2015 and by then the complex will gain further status and prestige.

Burj Daman tower has a unique contemporary design; it offers beautiful views of Dubai’s skyline, as well as a panoramic view of the sea and Zabeel Palace and Park. Residents here have access to two large an modern community pools, along with the perfect proximity to the city’s best shopping, dining and entertainment venues. A private, also contemporary style mosque is a one-of-a-kind addition to the residential development. The handover of the apartment started in August 2014, after a significant delay, but already nearly half of the building is occupied.

  • To inquire about apartments for rent or sale, contact an area specialist on +971 56  6849810 or email here.

Along with the deluxe one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, you can find a limited number of exclusive duplex apartments on the higher floors, which combine the modern, urban lifestyle with the feeling of luxurious retreat that you can call a home. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the apartments lighter and sunny, and reveal a stunning view of the city.

Panoramic View of DIFC from burj Daman Duplex Apartment

The parquet wooden floors, high-end styled with marble and granite bathrooms, and Italian-style kitchen with biult-in household appliances offer luxury and convenience. And if that’s not enough, it’s always amazing to look at the fantastic inner spiral staircase in your own home!

Bedroom Burj Daman Duplex DIFCBathroom Burj Daman Duplex DIFC DubaiDuplex apartments are definitely not designed for big families, but they are very attractive and convenient for business executives and finance gurus. DIFC natives, in particular, do not hesitate to spend. Executive couples, CEOs of international corporations and Saudi sheiks already reside in the Burj Daman.

For example, the images complementing this article are from a high floor 2 bedroom duplex apartment, which is currently on the market for sale for approximately 3.6 million Dirhams. The same apartment could be also rented on annual basis for about 200,000 Dirhams.

Definitely, duplex apartments are not for every one, but certainly such properties offer privacy and comfort. With a tailor-made interior decoration like the one featured here, they can become cosy luxurious homes.


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