Top Rated Streaming Media Players


If you are new to the world of media streaming player, but you want to get yourself one for Christmas, you probably have a hard time telling apart high-quality from poor-quality streamers. One great way to make an informed decision is by browsing through a list of Top Rated Streaming Media Players.


You are probably surprised that this list is not topped by a more popular media streamer like Google Chromecast or Roku. Well, you shouldn’t be because TiVo players are more than media streaming devices. They combine a media streaming player, a DRV, a cable box and TV streaming media device. In addition to that, their performance and specifications excel these different products in a number of ways. For instance, most TiVo players have 50% more storage than any DVR on the market. Also, they support a large catalogue of web apps, as well as cable TV all at the same time. In addition, TiVo streamers are compatible not only with TVs, but also with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. That enables users to schedule and record show from any of their smart gadgets on the go. Therefore, it not hard to believe that TiVo media players occupy nine spot on Amazon’s Top 10 list of highest rated streaming media players. The two most popular TiVo models are TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder and TiVo TCD746500 Premiere DVR .

KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080P 3D Media Player

Similar to TiVo Players, this one is more than just a media streamer. It also supports 3D movie playback and 1080p videos, which makes it the perfect digital media streamer for 3D TVs.

Apple TV 1Apple TV

Next on the list is a more familiar device – Apple TV. There are not many streaming media devices out there that are fully compatible with iOS gadgets. Moreover, this is the only such product that will give you access to the entire Apple ecosystem and all of its online platforms and services.

719CeUmoXML._SL1500_Roku 1 Streaming Player

This media streaming also found a place among the top rated. Some of its biggest advantages include its access to more than 1,500 entertainment channels, quick and easy setup and use, as well as its compatibility with virtually any TV.

Roku LT Streaming Media Player

Roku’s budget model, Roku LT, is also enjoying high consumer ratings on It comes with similar features to that of other Roku media streamers. However, its price tag is much lower, which makes it a direct competitor to low-cost streamers like Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

Further down Amazon’s top-rated list, you will also find popular streaming media players like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3 Streaming Media Player and Fire TV Stick, which have also won the approval of consumers.


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