International Friendship Day – How Your Friends Impact Your Life


This week, most countries in the world will mark the International Friendship Day. Even though this holiday is celebrated since 1958 in many parts of the globe, it was officially declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations just three years ago. The date dedicated to friendship is 30 July. However, some nations mark the event on the first Sunday of August, which is 3 August this year.

But regardless where you live, celebrating friendship is always a great idea. A popular tradition inspired by this day is the exchanging of small presents, cards, flowers and wristbands with friends. If you do not plan to surprise your buddies with something special on Friendship Day, these findings may change your mind!

women-talkingFriendship is the Best Medicine

Various studies have proved that friends can help you feel or become healthier. Good friends are more effective cancer and stress preventers even than the most expensive drugs. It is discovered that people with strong and lasting friendships are less threatened by chronic diseases and have a more robust immune system. Moreover, friends can help you recover faster from illnesses. Also, they can add a few extra years to your life.

Sticking to Healthy Habits Becomes Easier

If you are struggling to stick to your diet or your exercise routine, just drag in a friend to suffer together with you. Teaming up your efforts with a friend in an attempt to establish a good habit or abandon an old bad habit, offers better final results. That is because we tend to be more consistent around our buddies. So, if you want to quit smoking or learn a foreign language, you should first convince a friends to do the same.

Marriages Bases on Friendship Last Longer

The happiest married couples started their relationship as friends. That has allowed them to develop a higher respect and appreciation for the other person’s company. In addition, they tend to know better their partner. When a marriage is based on friendship, disagreements do occur, but they always pass away with time.

Your Friends are Your Mirror

Do you want to know what kind of person you are? Well, take a look at your friends! Most people befriend individuals who have similar understandings, habits, interests and experiences to theirs. Some even happen to have friends of the same social and marital status, sex and age.

A Good Friend Makes Challenges Appear Smaller

Researchers have found that friendships make life a little easier. When faced with challenges alone, people usually view them as bigger than they actually are. The opposite happens when they have a friend by their side. Therefore, when life offers you challenges, ask a friend for help.

Only a Few Friendships Last

During one person’s lifetime, he or she establishes approximately 395 friendships. However, less than 35 of them will last throughout the years. In addition to that, 27 of these 30 – 35 friends are so-called social friends. Those are people with whom you work, study or simply enjoy a drink every now and then. The bottom line is that barely 6 of your 395 friendship encounters can be classified as “close friendships.”

Social Media Redefines Friendship

The average Facebook user is estimate to have 229 friends. However, 41% of them share that they are willing to add even strangers as their friends. In other words, social media is the fastest way to turn a complete stranger into your “friend.” In addition, about 20% of users tend to interact with their social buddies everyday by sending messages, comments, replies and etc.

Men vs. Women

Men tend to become friends mainly for practical reasons. For instance, they are more willing to befriend a person if he or she will introduce them to something new or help them in their career. Women, on the other hand, prefer to pick friends based on whether or not they make them feel supported and confident.

Finally, science has even managed to define the phrase “best friend.” Interestingly, our best friends are not the friends that we meet most frequently, but those that we think of the most.


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