Weekend Planning: How to Make the Most of Your Time


The weekend is here and as always, you plan to relax, watch TV, sleep and indulge in some unhealthy food. It all sounds great, or so it should, but there’s one thing about weekends that we all hate – they are so incredibly short! In order to make the weekend seem longer than it is, you should take a little time for weekend planning and get all the chores in order. Here are several suggestions for making the most of your time off.

beach-games-2Make a plan

Decide on the things you want or have to do during the weekend – meet with your parents, clean up the house, do the laundry, go to a concert, and so on. Once you have a basic schedule, you can finish everything that has to be done and leave room for some spontaneity.

Wake up at your usual time

This is the main reason why weekends always look so short – because we tend to oversleep! It’s a big mistake that gets your body out of sync and cuts your free time by half. Instead, wake up early and do all the chores first.

maid services businessChores – first thing in the morning

Yes, it’s a weekend, but you need to vacuum, clean up the dust, clean the bathroom, and do the laundry. People who have housemaids or at least hire  maids on hourly basis  live easier in Dubai. If you are not one of them, the earlier you do your home tasks, the better. Set aside a definite time – two or three hours, for instance, and you will be surprised how quickly the deep clean can be done. Then, do your grocery shopping and start preparing the special weekend meals, so you have enough time for resting.

tree plantingExecute your planned schedule

Interestingly, weekends feel longer if you spend them with friends, outdoors or somewhere outside your home, and simply enjoy them. Take your family or friends and attend a sports event, art exhibition, music concert, or go to the museum, the zoo or the park. Take a picnic lunch or plan a short trip to the beach, or to another town.

madeleine edit 1 (1)Saturday equals fun!

If you complete all the chores on Friday, you will have enough time to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Plan something fun, something really special or completely relaxing for the Saturday – a spa treatment, a movie or a game night with friends, an afternoon at the mall, or whatever you want to do.

If you follow these simple steps for weekend planning, instead of feeling tired of all the work you’ve done, on Saturday evening, you will feel relaxed, in a good shape and in a good mood. Most of all, you will be ready for the new working week!



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