How to Get the Best Deals on Your Next Spring Vacation


MaldivesThe spring vacation for students is quickly approaching and many families are now looking to book airline tickets, hotel rooms and spring vacation packages. But at this time of the year traveling is not as cheap as we want it to be, as this is a highly peak season in almost every corner of the world. Smart travelers know that the earlier you plan your trip, the better, but even if you still have no idea where to go and how to avoid the high prices, there are ways to save. See below some practical tips on how to find the best travel deals even in the peak season.


When looking for affordable airfares, there are some basic methods for saving, if you are familiar with the usual airlines’ practices. They tend to check the dates of the spring break in local schools and colleges in order to know which flights will be the busiest. So, your first strategy should be to buy your tickets during sales. Right now, the Dubai’s Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways are running a week-long sales. Generally, during weekdays you’ll find the cheapest rates, while from Friday to Monday, tickets are sold at higher prices.

Another thing you should know is that the earliest and the latest flights are the cheapest, because people usually avoid these hours. Of course, there’s a chance that your late-night flight will be delayed or even cancelled, so you need to be wise. The busiest time of the season will be from March 16 until the end of the month, when the airline tickets may cost you up to 34% more.

The worst thing to do is purchase your airfares in the last minute. You may end up paying 29% more if you book 4 to 14 days before departure. The last three days are the most financially unsound – during this time, the ticket price may double or even rise by 60%. The timing of departure is also important. Avoid flying on Friday or Saturday, unless you want to pay an additional 20% more for your ticket.


The choice of destination will affect the total cost of your vacation. There are cheaper destinations and more popular, expensive ones. However, if you don’t want to spend the spring break in a small town at the ocean with no attractions, historical sites and nightlife, choose a nearby destination, which is popular during the hottest months or during the winter. This way you can be certain it will be worth visiting and the prices will be affordable.


If there is some newly-opened hotel or resort in the destination you’ve chosen, this will probably be the best choice. New hotels usually offer low prices, packages and discounts to attract guests. But often, the best prices and sales can be found online, so check hotels’ websites and book your stay online. Hilton and Marriott frequently run special offers and you may be surprised to find much lower than the expected rates. You can also call the hotel, especially if it is a boutique one, and try negotiating a lower price. When making the decision, always look at the details of the offer – room category, free Wi-Fi, free breakfasts, special rates for children, and so on.

Spring Vacation Package

All-inclusive spring vacation packages are also a great option, especially for families, but they often come with fixed flight dates, inconvenient traveling hours, and many other things. So, before paying for a travel package, try finding a deal on your own. But finding a good package will be the wisest thing to if you are booking in the last minute – you won’t have to book a hotel, a flight, and a rental car one at a time. Instead, the travel company will take care of everything.

There are always little tricks for saving from your spring vacation. All you have to do is to plan well and in advance.


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